You Know You're Obsessed With Newsies When...

1. You and your friends go by your Newsie character names
2. You wear a newsie hat almost everywhere you go
3. All day you look forward to going home to watch Newsies
4. You quote lines from the movie whenever it's possible
5. Every time you look at the Periodic Table of the Elements you think of Santa Fe because Iron is "Fe"
6. You swear your band teacher is Pulitzer
7. You dressed up as your favorite Newsie for character day/decade day/whatever day at school (and Halloween ^_~)
8. You have Newsies all over your room, binder, locker, etc.
9. You and your friends made your own Newsies movie
10. You occasionally break out into a New York accent (completely by accident)
11. Sometimes you think you hear Newsie voices...
12. You have convinced your teacher/coach to let you do Newsies as a theme for a school related performance
13. You watch the other movies/shows/plays/commercials the Newsie actors were in just to see (or hear) them
14. You've watched the movie closely and so many times that you have already picked out all of the bloopers
15. When you saw yourself in the newspaper you started dancing and singing
16. You've memorized all of the songs and dance numbers from the movie
17.'ve memorized the whole movie
18. You've even memorized the background music
19. You taught yourself how to play Newsies songs on the piano/other random instrument
20. You made a Newsies site ^^;;
21. You made a YKYOWNW list
22. Your car is totally decked out--Newsies style
23. You idolize one of the Newsies
24. You wish you were a Newsie
25. No wait… you are a Newsie
26. You walk around campus or in public singing the songs out loud (and sometimes dance too) even though people stare
27. You make up your own words for the songs
28. You should be doing your homework right now instead of writing this list
29. People sometimes wonder how you know so much about the strike of 1899...
30. You can easily pick out your favorite character's voice in the chorus
31. Sometimes you think you saw a Newsie walk by
32. Your parents are sick of the soundtrack
33. The only thing you listen to is the soundtrack
34. You heard your mom singing Seize the Day when she thought you weren't around
35. You thought this guy's "MOSH" jacket said "Mush" or “Roots” said “Boots” etc.
36. You call your two worst enemies Oscar and Morris
37. You want to go back to New York so you can dance in the streets ^^;;
38. You greet your friends with either a slap in the face, a hug-jump, or spit handshake
39. You sometimes carry around a slingshot or harmonica
40. People in your classes either call you "The Weird Newsie Girl/Guy" or by your Newsie name
41. You ventured into the men's department to find suspenders
42. You randomly yell cheese-it when there is nothing interesting going on
43. You scare your coach with your Newsie obsession
44. Whenever you see someone with a crutch you wonder if they're faking it just for pity (cuz there are so many fake crypts nowadays)
45. You dream about Newsies ^^;; (almost every night)
46. Anytime someone makes fun of Newsies you threaten to soak them
47. You have actually stalked a newsie before… or even more than once
48. When walking home from your friends house, you broke out into song and dance in the street, and stole a horse
49. You often wear your Newsies outfit in public despite the way people stare at you (and even on hot days…)
50. You have named a pet after a newsie (ok, Spot for a dog doesn’t count -_-”)
51. You have figured that through 6 degrees of separation that you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows a Newsie (tis true)
52. You always have a Newsies song stuck in your head
53. You can relate anything you see to Newsies
54. A big goal in your life would be to scream off of the Brooklyn bridge
55. You have downloaded all of the Newsies songs or your Newsies soundtrack onto your iPod/mp3 player
56. You have written a letter (or e-mail) to at least one of the newsies
57. You have all of the dances from the movie memorized
58. You sometimes even dance along to the soundtrack…
59. ...or while your watching the movie
60. You frequently use quotes from the movie in your daily vocabulary
61. You sing CTB while getting ready in the morning
62. When you see someone wearing an eye patch, you don’t feel bad for them, you just think they’re really cool ^_~
63. You got a paper route so that you could be a real newsie
64. And even worse… you wore your newsie outfit while delivering papers
65. In every History book that you come across, you rabidly search it for any information about Pulitzer and Hurst, or the Newsies Strike of 1899
66. The word “ambassador” makes you happy : )
67. You convinced your History teacher to let you watch Newsies while you were studying child labor
68. When people ask you what you want for your birthday, they start to wonder why you always say, “A pair of new shoes with matching laces… etc.”
69. You have made new friends because of this movie
70. You have bid over $100 for a rare Newsies item on e-bay
71. You have seen Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square
72. You know what Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square is
73. You really want to go to Santa Fe…
74. You make up a Geometry Postulate or Theorem list that is “newsies-friendly” to help you remember it
75. You changed your room around to make it look like a lodging house
76. You have multiple copies of the movie “just in case”
77. You have taught yourself to lasso, shoot a slingshot, play the harmonica, etc.
78. You have actually attempted spinning on a ceiling fan……… ouch
79. You have written fan-fics or drawn fan-art that relates to Newsies
80. You have converted over 20 people into Newsies freaks (hell yes.)
90. You watch the movie with your friends and make up funny dialogue for the characters since you've seen the movie so many times
91. A fly can not land anywhere on the wall of your room without stepping on a Newsie’s face : )
92. You've met a Newsie
93.'ve met several Newsies
94. And even worse... you know where a Newsie lives :0
95. Everyone you meet instantly knows of your Newsie obsession
96. You annoy alot of people with your constant Newsie talk
97. You had someone you've never even talked to ask you what Newsies is
98. You are running out of Newsie-memorobilia to get signed by the newsies
99. You've visited the Newsies set... several times
100. You play the soundtrack repetetively around your friends, or when you're having company over to try and convert new fans. (And it has actually worked...)
101. When you saw Christian Bale in the newspaper you said, "Hey, 'dat's Jack! He looks just like hisself!" And if someone tries to look at it too, and touches his face, you say, "Mind getting your fingers off his face???"
102. You've dug through a play's costume bin because you knew there had to be a newsie hat in there....
103. You've actually asked a friend to "Spot you two bits."
104. When someone asks you to check their spelling, you nonchalantly think, "Kloppman......"
105. You're actually reading this list