Peanut Butter and Newsies Comics

I see you have stumbled upon my lovely comic section. *sigh* Back to the good old days... If you know me personally, you probably know that about 3 years I stopped making them, but now they're back! (due to all the excess time I have... or don't have....) And if you don't know me.... well, you can read them anyways. They are about Newsies, sort of. Basicaly, I took some real newsie-meeting expieriences that my friends and I had, and made them... funny. (Well, I hope they're funny anyways.) I hope you like them, and remember they're only based on real Oh and... I'm the Peanut. o^_^o Click here to see the old comics! Hopefully I'll make more... my goal in life is to meet all 19 newsies.........

And another thing... please do not read without a sense of humor. I won't answer to your e-mails about how "heartless" I am. :)

Episode 1: Snipeshooter's Birthday
A Pie Eater Story

Episode 2: Trey's Secret
A Kid Blink Story

Episode 3: We're Not in Kansas Anymore
A Spot Conlon Story

Episode 4: Operation: "Moving the Water"
Another Kid Blink Story

Episode 5: Bums and Dogs
A Skittery Story

Episode 6: Throwing Salt
Another Pie Eater Story


Episode 7: The Crappy Paparazzi Kids
A Jack Kelly Story

Episode 8: Pizza Problems
A Kenny Ortega Story??

Episode 9: Afro Puffs
A Boots Story

Episode 10: The Vortex of Doom
A Snitch Story

Episode 11: Tuchy Mor
A Crutchy Story