Personality Quiz

Here you can find out which newsie you are most like! Unfortunately, the html I had for the real quiz isn't working correctly, so you'll need to find a pen and paper and calculate your score on your own. And please remember, this quiz is just for fun, and isn't guaranteed to be utterly accurate... At the end of the quiz, you will be given a banner of your newsie to post on your site or elsewhere. Have fun!


1. In your group of friends, you would best be described as the--?

A. leader
B. brains
C. follower
D. joker
E. happy one
F. peace-bringer
G. tough one
H. unhappy one

2. Where could people most likely find you on your spare time?

A. somewhere new
B. working on something- I always stay busy
C. hanging around with people who are older than me
D. waisting my money somewhere
E. with my friends
F. with my boy/girl friend
G. somewhere where I can tell people what to do
H. probably alone somewhere

3. Which of these things is most important to you?

A. my goals and dreams
B. school work/my job
C. my family
D. having fun- no matter what it is I'm doing
E. my friends
F. my love-life
G. being respected
H. my oppinions- I always voice what I feel about things

4. If you got in a fight you would probably--

A. win- I've got a bit of fighting experience
B. lose- I don't know how to fight... I would run away
C. lose- I would try my hardest! (but in the end it wouldn't matter)
D. win- I can smoothe talk my way out of any rough situation ; )
E. win- I've got my friends to back me up
F. not sure- I don't think I would fight at all, because I don't think it is right (Can't we all just... get along?? lol)
G. win- after all, I probably started the fight, so people should know better than to mess with me!
H. lose- my big mouth probably got me into the fight in the first place

5. What drives you crazy?

A. having too much responsibility
B. having to admit that I was wrong
C. being picked on
D. losing
E. being lied to
F. having someone angry at me
G. not getting what I want
H. people who don't agree with me

6. Which of these shows sounds like the most entertaining to watch?

A. Hey Dude
B. Bill Nye the Science Guy
C. All That
D. Motor Sports Racing
E. Happy Days
F. Charlie's Angels
G. Cops
H. Worse Case Scenarios

7. If you found 50 bucks on the ground, what would you do with it?

A. put it away into savings
B. spend it gradually over time
C. try to find the person who dropped it
D. spend it right away! (hey, you only live once)
E. buy things for other people with it, and not spend any on myself
F. give it to someone else- I would feel guilty spending it
G. look for more money
H. I would probably just leave it there

8. How do you feel about Medda?

A. I <3 her
B. she's purdy
C. she's just a bit old for the Newsies
D. she's a great singer, and very talented
E. she added a little extra zest to the movie! : )
F. the movie could have done without her
G. she's ok, I guess
H. everything about her freaks me out

9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

A. anywhere other than here
B. having a degree and a successful job
C. still living with my parents -_-
D. rich and able to blow my money on anything I want
E. living somewhere with my friends (dorm possibly??)
F. married with maybe a kid or two
G. manager of some buisness
H. unemployed and happy : )

10. What is your favorite thing about the movie Newsies?

A. the good looking guys ^_~
B. the fact that it was based off of true events
C. the idea of kids triumphing over adults
D. the great acting and true character development
E. it is a good clean film with a happy ending : )
F. the awesome stunts and dancing
G. the action packed fight scenes! WOOCHA!!
H. the incredible singing


Now tally up the answers that you got, and click on the letter below that you picked the most of!

A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H