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The Movie
In case you were wandering around this site wondering what the heck "Newsies" is, I'll fill you in. Newsies is a Disney musical movie that was made 1991. The movie takes place back in 1899, and is about a group of Manhattan newsboys who were forced to strike after the price of their papers was raised 10 cents by Pulitzer. (the owner of the New York World) It's a David and Goliath story, as all the critics say, that definately did not get good reviews back in it's time. However, Newsies had a HUGE following, and for 13 years fans world wide have been Carrying the Banner. Why? It is beyond me to explain. In my opinion, it is the best movie ever in which my world revolves around. (scary.. I know) You can't just take my word for it... go see it yourself!!


The Newsies
The actual newsies in the movie were all boys ranging from ages 10 to 25. Most of them had no dancing or singing experience when they first started. And some of them didn't even know it was a musical when they auditioned. (like Christian Bale for example who was almost forced into doing it ^^;;) They had 10 weeks of training; singing, dancing, martial arts, and getting to know more about what they were going to be doing. I think it turned out quite well. ^_~


The Director
The movie was directed by Kenny Ortega, and this was his first time directing on his own. He had been a choreographer for 15 years, and worked with other shows and music videos. (That'show he met some of the actors he later cast as newsies.) He also choreographed the whole movie.


Here is a "speech" on Newsies that I wrote for my Language Arts class, kind of to persude people to watch the movie. If you've never seen the movie, and are wondering what all the fuss is about, reading this may help you out a bit.

--Everyone Should at Least Give This Movie A Chance--

My fellow movie lovers, for the past thirteen years a very important film has been simply overlooked. A movie filled with exceptional song and phenomenal dance, a movie that not only enlightens, but also entertains, a movie that is based on actual events—causing educational benefits, a movie about the weak conquering the powerful, a movie called Newsies.

The movie takes place New York City, and is about the 1899 newsboys strike against Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hurst. By sticking together, and fighting for their rights, the newspaper boys—who called themselves the “newsies”, conquered over the rich and powerful newspaper men. This movie creates hope for those afraid to go for their goals, and inspires us all to “seize the day.”

In this day and age, musicals are looked upon as a treat; the new generation loves to watch as a normal person breaks out into song and dance while accomplishing an everyday task. But in the early 90’s, these musicals were not as accepted, and mostly shunned by movie-goers. The Disney musical Newsies premiered in theatres in 1992, ended up as one of these unaccepted movies, and was out of the theatres almost immediately. If Newsies had been shown in theatres today, it would have, no doubt ably, had a much better turnout. It’s not that I believe that the movie should be recreated today with an entirely new cast, because it was perfect the way it was, but that I believe that if today’s audiences were to see the movie, it would become one of their all-time favorites.

Along with the concept of the movie being accepted by the new generation, the cast would be more recognized as well. Many of the newsboys in the film were debuting in Newsies as their first movie ever. Not many people had heard of the actor who played the lead newsie, Jack Kelly, for example. Now, the same actor, Christian Bale, has gone on to play the lead in many other well known movies; from the motion pictures Little Women and Equilibrium to even playing Batman in the new Batman Begins.

On behalf of Newsies fans everywhere, this film should be watched by all, and accepted just as Moulin Rouge, Chicago, and the other musicals of this age have been. This movie deserves the love and devotion it seldom receives, and expects to obtain that as the word is spread of it’s greatness. New Newsies fans are constantly being made worldwide, as the veteran fans continue carrying the newsie banner.