~While everyone is getting ready in the lodging house, watch the newsies in the background. Some of them are walking around with no pants on... some are smacking each other with towels... it's funny...

~Did anyone notice the sound that Mush makes during the beginning of CTB when he does a flip off of the wagon? It's scary! He sounds like a pig or something...

~Racetrack never does a pelvic thrust. Maybe he can't or something because there is always someone standing convieniently in front of him when the time comes. :(

~In CTB, when Kid Blink sings "Something to wake me up," the kid behind him mouths the words.

~In CTB, when the nuns are handing out food, the last nun's hand that you see has a wedding ring on her finger. Nun's don't get married. o_O Suspicious.....

~During CTB, when jack swings from the canopy and kicks the Delancys, his foot doesn't even connect with Morris's face. Then, after that, Morris's mustach disappears, and continues to change throughout the movie.

~Right after CTB, Racetrack goes to buy his papes and asks Weasel to spot him two bits... just a few minutes later, Jack asks if he can borrow two bits from Racetrack... and Racetrack gladly gives it to him. Many people think this is an editorial mistake, but it really isn't. It's meant to be funny... newsies lie, why should he give Weasel two bits if he can get his papes for free?

~While waiting to buy their papes, Mush accidently calls Kid Blink "Parker," his real last name. Also, when Racetrack was talking to Weasel, you can hear Mush say "Jacky just got laid!" in the background. (And yes, that is what he is saying.)

~When Jack insists that Davey buys 50 papes, instead of 20, David only gives Jack back what looks like his original 20, and keeps what looks like the 50 Jack already had...

~When the newsies after David buy their papes, they each walk away with what looks like about 5 papers. They must assume no one wants to read about a baby born with two heads... bad headline.

~While running away from Snyder, Jack has enough time to light up a cigarette.

~When Jack, Dave, and Les enter Irving Hall, on left side of the door is a plant, and onm the right side is a sign. When they come out, the plant is gone, and the sign is in it's place.

~When Medda is talking to Les about how cute he is, watch Jack in the background. He's very... happy.

~During LDB, when Les is sitting eating his candy while watching Medda, there is a ventriloquist sitting next to him. When the camera pans out on Medda, you see the same ventriloquist settling down behind her to watch. Then when the camera angle goes back to Les, the ventriloquist is still there sitting next to him!

~Is it just me, or does David seem a little too sarcastic when he says that Medda is beautiful?

~Upon entering the Jacobs's house, Jack closes the door behind him, but it doesn't even close all the way.... but it still makes the door shutting sound... odd...

~At the Jacobs's house, Mayer asks Sarah to go get the cake. Right after, she says "I'll get the plates," instead. Then the fork she hands to Jack dissapears in alternating shots.

~When Les is sleeping, he starts singing "Lovey Dovey Baby" even though he didn't seem to interested in Medda when he was at Irving Hall... also he sure seemed to fall asleep fast during the trolley strike incident.

~What exactly were Jack and David doing under the table in that scene...

~When David and Jack are on the balcony, you can see a Sarah throught the window, brushing her hair, but when David goes inside, Sarah disappears, and Les and his mom appear.

~So Les was already asleep, right? Well, when Jack is about to start singing Santa Fe, Ester Jacobs is seen in the house rocking Les to sleep? (And she sounds like she's humming Santa Fe) Wowies... Les is odd when he sleeps...

~Before SF, it is pouring down rain, but when Jack dances he kicks up dirt. This isn't a mistake, the dirt is symbolic of Jack imagining himself in Santa Fe.

~When Jacks horse gallops around the corner during SF, Jack's hat magically appears on his head!

~In TWWK, in the middle of the big dance scene, right as Race, Blink, and Boots are running up to the gate, a random background dancer runs out of the group and around the corner, never to be seen again. I guess he realized there was something important he needed to do...

~Also, in TWWK, right before Pie Eater and Bumlets do their round offs and leaps, while everyone is still dancing, Skittery's hat falls off. I know that's not very exciting sounding, but it is funny when you watch it.

~Have you ever noticed that David laughs at the strangest times? Like in Tibby's after TWWK, when they are talking to Denton...

~David is also very touchy-feely or something. In almost every scene he hugs someone, or tries to.

~In the Brooklyn scene, when Jack shakes hands with Spot, and when Spot shoots off his slingshot, you can see a very distinctive watch tan line on Spot's wrist.

~In the Brooklyn scene, a guy in the background is picking his nose.

~When Racetrack, Skittery, Jack, Dave, Mush, and Kid Blink are standing around the statue talking, before STD, count how many times they say "you know?" in that scene.

~During STD, Crutchy looks like he's using both of his legs.

~During STD, when Mush and Kid Blink are thrown up into the air, Mush screams and looks like he's going to fall on his face.

~Ever notice how after the big fight (in which Spot saves the day) when Denton goes to take their picture for the newspaper, Jack willingly poses for it. Earlier in the movie, Jack tells Denton "No pictures," becuse it would give him away... (and it ends up doing so)

~During KONY, one of the waiters is bobbing his head to the music.

~During KONY, when Racetrack and Jack are singing "I'm the king of New York" you can see Boots standing beside them but then it cuts to Boots sitting in a chair... I guess he teleported there...

~During KONY, Boots, Les, and Snipeshooter's chairs are not so magical... you can see hands pushing them up into position

~Also during KONY, while they are singing, "But I was a star for one whole minute!" the guys who are about to dance on the tables are already making their way over there, except for Mush.... He is magical, and gets there on time anyways.

~When all of the newsies grab glasses for a toast at the end of KONY, Mush and Blink have to share a cup. They laugh, and toast together. Most people think it was a mistake, but I don't know. It is cute tho anyways.

~The sign Dutchy is painting in the Lodging House appears in a scene way earlier in the movie.

~The sign Racetrack is holding when Snyder comes into the Lodging House is on Pulitzer's desk in the next scene.

~In HTHT, when Medda is crossing the little bridge thing, her mouth doesn't sync at all with the words she is singing

~At the rally, when Medda is singing, Swifty and Snitch are standing behind her. When the camera angle switches to the boys echoing her, Swifty and Snitch are there too. This happens several more times right after.

~This isn't a blooper... but at the end of HTHT, Blink can be seen in the corner of the screen blowing kisses and saying "muah, muah!" When the camera backs up, you can still hear him and Racetrack quite loudly. ^^

~At the rally, when Race is punched in the stomach, and Medda is yelling, the woman that helps take her away is Christian Bale's sister, Louise Bale.

~At the rally, while running away, Blink grabs Jack to take him outside. At the time, Blink is not wearing a hat. When they get outside, Blink is wearing his hat, and quite snuggly.

~At the rally, when Jack is taken away, he gets punched in the chin. In the court room he has a black eye.

~In the court room, when the judge tells them they have to pay or go to jail, Spot says, "He said 5 bucks? This sucks!" And Bumlets says, "Thatís bogus...."

~Denton tells everyone in the courtroom to meet him at the resteraunt. Why is Spot leaving just as Danton gets there?

~When David, Les, Racetrack, Kid Blink, and Mush go to sneak Jack out of the refuge, you can distinctively see that there is only five of them. In the next shot, Boots is there too.

~It's really amusing listening to all of the extra characters talking in the background. Like for instance, when Dave is riding under the carriage up to Pulitzer's house, you can hear people talking in the background. It's funny, because if you listen closely, it sounds like the same person carrying on a conversation with himself.

~When Jack is in Pulitzer's house, count how many times Pulitzer pokes him.

~When Dave yells "I'm not like you!" at Jack, when he's a scabber, his mouth doesn't move.

~In the middle of making papers for the strike, Jack's clothes magicaly change.

~In OAFA, the guy who Racetrack gives a copy of the Newsies Banner to (the sweaty one with the horse) is the same guy that was the first Newsie to throw his papers down and join the strike earlier in the movie

~When everyone is standing around Jack during TWWK reprise, David accidently smacks Sarah upside the head, and you can see her say "Owe," and him say sorry.

~During TWWK reprise, Spot is standing in the crowd with the newsies. About five seconds later, he is leading the Brooklyn newsies into the scene.

~After winning the strike, the bulls come again and Jack thinks they are coming for him. When Denton tells him everything is alright, Jack looks at Racetrack like he is going to kill him.

~When Snyder is being taken away, and Denton tells everyone to say goodbye, Racetrack yells, "Bye pooface!"

~When Jack comes back on the carriage with Roosevelt, Mush and Racetrack are up on the circulation platform. In the next shot are down next to the carriage talking to Jack. Then, in the next shot they jump down from the circulation platform... they are magical.

~I don't know if anyone has noticed Jack's habit of yelling random names into the crowd of newsies... it's kind of strange. (Like once he says, "Heya Crutchy" for no reason when he had just been talking to Crutchy.) At the end of the movie he does it again, when he's getting off of the carriage. He says "Hey you, Skittery!" out to the crowd, but Skittery is standing right next to him.

~In the end dance scene (credits) the first group of newsies behind Jack is having a newspaper fight, and look like they almost miss their cue.

~Also, in the end dance Mush drops his paper, Dutchy trips over another dancer, and Skittery looks very confused... ^^;;

~Throughout the whole movie, Spot doesn't dance once. It's kinda sad he has to take a carriage back to Brooklyn. I guess it would be kinda weird to see him dance... he's too good for that. (lol... and NO, his standing on the table, shaking his hands during KONY does not qualify as dancing...)