Hello friends. The year is 2010 and it has been over a year and a half since I last updated this site. I know half of the pages are dead, and I know that there are people who would still like me to update.... but I just do not have the time. I'm a college student with a heavy school load and a busy life... however, my love for Newsies will never die and I THANK those of you who still visit this dying site! I LOVE you all. Keep carrying the banner.

But, the reason I am here typing this to you is because today I received some exciting news in which I think all Newsies Freaks should know. NEWSIES IS BEING ADAPTED FOR THE STAGE. That's right folks, we've waited years for this, and now it is finally happening. Alan Menken (the composer of Newsies) has even reported that there will be new songs and all.

I seriously didn't think this day would ever come. I gave up on it years ago. Rumor had been floating around the net earlier this year, but I shrugged it off assuming it was just another false claim.

I will let you guys in on anything I find out. Here is a link to an article Perez Hilton posted about it:

Newsies on STAGE???!!!


Posted by Jen - - on September 22 @ 8:27 pm Pacific time

Happy Birthday...

CHRISTIAN BALE! Mr. Bale turns 35 today! <3

Hope everyone has a wonderfully zesty Christian Bale's birthday! :3

Posted by Jen - - on January 30 @ 8:39 pm Pacific time

Long time no see!

Hey Newsie fans, I havenít updated in a while so I just wanted to come on here and let you know that Iím still around.

There are a couple of updates that Iím working on currently... canít tell ya how soon theyíll be up, but Iím working on it! In one update in particular Iíll tell you about my recent trip to NYC where I visited all of those Newsies landmarks (and took lots of pictures.) I also had a near-newsie meeting experience while I was there, but unfortunately the plan went a bit awry÷ Iíll write aaaaaall about it next update. ^______^;;;;;

Also, Iíve been getting a lot of e-mails about broken links/broken images. Sorry I couldnít reply to everyoneís e-mails, but yes I was already aware of this. Unfortunately, I donít really have the time to fix all of that at the moment. (Hopefully soon tho.) You have to remember that this site is many years old, and insanely huge÷ itís hard to keep up with! Thanks to everyone for giving me a heads up tho!

Until next time kids... stay out of trouble, donít talk to strangers, look both ways before crossing the street, and keep CARRYING THE BANNER!

Posted by Jen - - on January 12 @ 1:05 am Pacific time

Trey Parker (Kid Blink)'s new Single!

Trey recently informed me that he will is releasing a new single that you can purchase on itunes in the near future! The single is called "Hold My Heart" and is dedicated to the star of the show "The Bachelor" (Andrew Firestone) and it will be performed at Andrew's wedding today! Keep an eye out for the song on itunes! (He also sent me the cover art for the single but for some reason I can't get it to post. I'll post as soon as I figure out what's wrong.....)

And you can CLICK HERE for a full version of Trey's resume and more info about the new song!

Along with posting all of that, I also updated just a bit. I fixed up the "Videos" page, so now all of my crazy vids are on there, and I fixed up Trey's profile on "The Newsies" page.

Here is my latest video, a reprise of the Caramelldansen with MORE of the Newsies this time. :)

Newsies Meets Caramelldansen (Full Version)

Carryin' the Banner!

Posted by Jen - - on July 5th @ 2:23 am Pacific time

Sad news...

Itís a sad week for Newsies lovers. In case you have not yet heard, Iíll fill you in.

Early Sunday morning, the Universal Studios New York streets set, where most of our beloved Newsies was shot, was burnt to the ground. So in other words, it no longer exists. For those of you who had the chance to visit it while it was still intact, good for you, because you wonít get the chance to again. :(

Apparently a spark from a workerís blow torch, who was replacing shingles on one of the New York rooftops, started the fire. The fire blazed out of control from 4 in the morning until 10 o Ďclock at night. The entire New York section was destroyed as well as other buildings.

As Lucy Boryer stated in Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square, ďafter the 1990 fire at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California, it seems lightning has struck twice,Ē and ironically it has, for real this time, (but not in the form of an atomic bomb÷ haha) For those of you who didnít already know, the set also burned down right before filming Newsies, and parts of it were rebuilt specifically to fit the needs for the Newsies movie. But now, itís all gone.

They are planning to rebuild the set, but as far as Iím concerned it will never be the same. (I think it's a bit strange that almost 2 months ago to the day, I posted an update about the Newsies set and the backlot tour that takes you through it...)

Pictures of the set of Newsies, and the set being rebuilt (after the 1990 fire) druing the fiming of Newises.

Pictures of the set in flames, and the map of the buildings destroyed.

In other happier news (well, for me at least) I celebrated my 20th birthday yesterday! Carazay. I'm getting so old. ;___; It's hard to believe that I opened this site when I was just 16. @_@ It's just further proof that I've been obsessing over this movie for way too long. :)

Have a good week. I'll try to make some updates soon. CTB!

Posted by Jen - - on June 3rd @ 4:01 am Pacific time


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! I finally finished the long awaited Racetrack "Character Page." You can find it in the Media section of the side bar. --> ^o^

It took for flipping ever because there were soooooo many pictures to edit! There ended up being 164 total! WOW. I am only INSANELY biased towards my favorite newsie, plus he's in so much of the movie that there were loads of pics. Seriously tho, it was sooooo hard for me to narrow down how many pictures I'd post because I love the character too much. So I just posted all the ones I like. ^^;; Hope you guys like Race. ^_~

I've been very busy with school, so that's all I had time to do. But I made another stupid little video last week that I had yet to post on here. I'm serious tho, it's really dumb.... like for real, but some people who've seen it thought it was cute... so here's the link:

Newsies do the Caramelldansen!

Tis all for now. Have a good one! :)

Posted by Jen - - on May 13th @ 2:33 am Pacific time


Yay, an update! Sorry I seem to have disappeared again, I've just been INSANELY busy with school lately. Honestly, I thought I'd have time to update last week (on my spring break) but my professors don't understand the meaning of Spring Break and piled on the projects and test when we got back. -_-;; I'm sorry, you probably don't care, but there... I've stated my case. ;)

So there's no huge update, I'm just posting yet another Newsies music video that I made. I had somewhat of a depressing Friday and working on something fun and pointless was just what I needed. :D So watch it if you'd like. It's so corny that it makes me laugh. ^^;; (But I kinda like it.)

Ok, enough of my life story.... here it is:

Another Newsies Music Video!

Posted by Jen - - on April 27th @ 4:45 am Pacific time

What they've been up to...

Hey guys! I told you Iíd keep you updated on what them Newsies are up to these days, and that I shall. Hereís some stuff to watch for in the next couple of months. :)

Make sure to check out ďLeatherheadsĒ in theaters this Friday, (tomorrow!) and you may just spot Max Casella! Heís in the movie, and I believe he has a speaking role, so go support our Racetrack. I know Iíll be there. :D

And while Iím on the subject of Max Casella, Iíve heard talk that Doogie Howser M.D. will be released on May 13th in one entire set (all 4 seasons.) I have each season separately, and let me tell you it is a must see for all Max fans! Doogie didnít stay in stores for long the first time around, so if you missed your chance then, youíll have another now. :)

Also, Mr. Kevin Stea (aka Swifty) recently landed the lead role in an indie film. Way to go Kevin! His talent is unending and I am excited to see it when itís on DVD. Iíll keep you guys updated on all that jazz.

Heís also been shooting something else lately, and Iím not exactly sure what it is, but go ahead and take a look at the pictures below... recognize this place? Pretty wild, huh? O_O

It think itís for a commercial?? Iím not sure. Iíll look into it. But in case you couldnít tell, they are on the Newsies set! :D The last picture is Kevin and Co. and one of the backlot tours. If you ever go to Universal Studios in Hollywood, the backlot tour is a must see! You can see the entire Newsies set while you're on it. (this whole post is like Iím advertising or something. haha)

And this has nothing to do with what the Newsies are up to... but as you probably know, Iíve become increasingly more and more addicted to YouTube these days. I made a quick little music video dedicated to Newsies with one of my new editing programs, and I think youíll like it. (I hope so anyways...) The timing on the music is slightly off in a couple parts because YouTube does weird things to my movies, but hopefully, you wonít even notice. I find the song I used SO appropriate for this movie tho. ^_~ Hereís the link:

Newsies Music Video

Thanks for reading all that! Hope it was informative. :) Keep carrying the banner, and have a great weekend.

Posted by Jen - - on April 3rd @ 5:00 pm Pacific time

Blood Drips: Parody of a Parody

It is complete! My friends and I finally finished our version of Blood Drips on Newsies Square. (read more about it in my last post. :D) I will eventually post it on the "Videos" page when I have time to write about it a bit more. I hope you guys like it! It took us a loooong time to shoot, but it was a lot of fun to make. Let me know what you think. o^.^o

Here's where you can find it: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Posted by Jen - - on March 24th @ 3:51 pm Pacific time

Coming Soon: Blood Drips on G100

No real updates today. Sorry. But I do have something else I wanted to share with you guys. ^o^

So my friends and I have been filming a new YouTube movie over the past couple of weeks, and it has to do with... you guessed it... Newsies! :D We are making one based on "Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square" but with a different storyline. I think it's going to turn out pretty hilarious. We are about 3/4 of the way done with it, and I love it so far. Ours is called "Blood Drips on G100" and it takes place in the year 2005, back when we performed our Newsies show for Winterguard. The plot of the movie is that one girl named Kim (and this part really happened) tried out for the Newsies team, aka the "A Guard," and didn't make it. So in our movie Kim (played by my friend, Chippy) goes on a killing spree knocking off one member of the team at a time. So to get to the point, I made up a crazy little commercial or "trailer," if you will, for it. You can watch it here!

As soon as my friend Liz comes down from school for spring break, we are going to finish it up! Her story follows the path of Trey Parker's from the original, so it should be interesting to film. ^^;; (It is going to be a bit different tho.) We've already filmed everyone else's deaths and it was flipping fun. I can't wait until you guys see it! o^.^o

Ok, enough of all of this movie talk, I'm probably boring you guys. I'll make some real updates as soon as I have time. I swear I've already started Race's character page, it's just taking a while, and I have suddenly gotten pretty busy with school and sewing. -___-;;

Posted by Jen - - on March 11th @ 3:13 am Pacific time

Happy (2 days late) Birthday Mr. David Sidoni

I don't feel bad about wishing him a belated happy birthday because me and my friends wished him one ourselves on his actual birthday. hehe

There are a thousand and one things I should be doing right now... and updating this site is not one of them. Yet, here I am! I added TONS of pictures to the "Pictures" page (nearly 30 new ones), and I can almost guarantee that a lot of them you have never seen. ^.^ Please credit my site if you take any tho, I fixed up all of them in some way. (A lot of them had scratches or blotches and the like.)

I also added a new fan art by ChoiYugi to the "Fan Page." It's really good, so go take a lookie!

Peace out.

Posted by Jen - - on March 10th @ 3:57 am Pacific time

Happy March! :3

Just a little update for ya. Over the past couple days I've been a bit swamped with school work and my life (imagine that!) so I only had time to make a couple backgrounds. There are three new ones total, and you can find them all obviously on the "Backgrounds" page. I hope you like. :D

I keep thinking that this site is getting SO big.... how much more can I fit on here before it explodes? haha

Posted by Jen - - on March 1st @ 11:22 pm Pacific time

Explosion of Graphics

Don't get excited. There aren't that many new graphics, and they aren't that great... heh. But graphics none the less! Go have a lookie! :D

Ok I added two new backgrounds, which I strongly dislike, but hopefully you won't. ^^;; I still suck at graphics. You'd think by now I wouldn't be...

I also added 10 new icons. You'll find them at the top and bottom of the "New Livejournal Icons" column. Most of them are from Blood Drips.

I obviously have way too much time on my hands. Today between classes I just worked on all of this stuff. College is great. Good times. b^.^d

Have a zesty day. I would say week, but considering I've been updating so much.... you'll probably hear from me soon. o_O

Posted by Jen - - on February 27th @ 3:46 am Pacific time

Oompa Loompa, doomp a dee doo, I've got another update for you.

Wow. That was lame.

Okey doke... not much updating was done, but enough. :) I fixed up the "Shop" page, and added 2 new designs. More should be coming. I have tooooons of ideas floating in this crazy head of mine. >:)

I also replaced one of my backgrounds with a better version of the same thing. I remember way back in '05 when I came up with the "iNewsie" concept for a background, everyone loved it! (but I was soooooo fresh at making graphics, it looked like crap. :/) So I remade it! :D Here's the old one next to the one I replaced it with so you can see just how bad it really was. ^^;;

And PLEASE if you take the new one for your site CREDIT ME! Thank youuu.

I think I really need to stop updating so frequently. ^^;; This isn't normal, and I have no idea if anyone actually looks at this new stuff. haha

Posted by Jen - - on February 26th @ 2:44 am Pacific time


Skittery's "Character Page" is up! There are even more pictures for him than I had for Spot. (just because he's in more of the movie.) I hope you guys enjoy, it took a long time to capture and edit all of his pictures. @_@

And in reply to the anonymous post in my Guest Book-- no, the polls aren't rigged. Not to worry. :) People can vote more than once if that is your concern. But otherwise I think you should know there would be no reason for me to "rig" which Newsies are winning.... that would be lame. Why would I have posted them in the first place?? o_O So yea, just clearing up your suspicions. :D

I also added 3 new sketches by Kid to the "Fan Page." They are really good and so detailed... don't just take my word for it, go take a look!

Posted by Jen - - on February 24th @ 3:39 am Pacific time

New Poll -- Go vote!

I posted a new poll on the "Polls" page. It's for the lesser known Newsies, because I would like to make them character pages too! (I made it seperate from the main Newsies because, let's face it, a Newsie like Snipeshooter would have no chance against someone like Spot. ^^;;)

I fixed up some of pages that I didn't change when I first changed the layout. There are still some color issues on the pop-up pages, but I'll do somethin about it later when I actually care. :D

And man, you guys are passionate about who you want to have their character pages posted next! haha I checked the poll because I was about to start Racetrack's page, but Skittery's votes had shot up way higher. The same thing happened with Race a few days ago. hmmm... I wonder if the same people are voting more than once. ^_~ (I don't care or anything, I just find it amusing.)

Have a zesty day everyone.

Posted by Jen - - on February 23rd @ 2:48 am Pacific time


No, your eyes aren't deceiving you... new layout! :O I mean, holy cow... it's been over a year since I've changed it. (oopsies! ^^;;) I hope you guys like it. I think I'm happy with it. think.

So it looks like Mush, Spot, Race, and Kid are the predominant Newsies in this layout too.... sorry, that totally was not on purpose. They aren't even my four favorites or anything (if I was basing it on my favorites, you'd see a layout with Racetrack, Skittery, Pie Eater and Bumlets. hmmm.... *gets ideas*)

There are a few pages that are still majorly jacked (like colors/pictures wise) and I promise I'll fix them soon. I am so insanely tired right now that you have no idea. (Well... it is 4 in the morning...) So I'll fix it when I'm conscious again. haha So bear with me please in the mean time.

That's all for now. :D I'm hoping that between classes at school I can start working on the next character page. Will it be Skittery or Racetrack? Or someone else? We'll see. Once I get to that point in updating, I'll take whoever's in the lead in the poll. b^.^d

And one more thing... I'd like to thank you guys for still coming here. Just a few days ago this site had it's 400,000th visitor! This site has been open for 3 years, but still... for a Newsies site that's pretty impressive. And it's all thanks to you guys. <3

Posted by Jen - - on February 22nd @ 4:19 am Pacific time

Spot, Spot, loveable Spot. He's kind of scary and has a slingshot.

I totally couldn't resist with the title. So anyways, I posted my first character page to the new "Character Pages" section. Spot! Go check it out, it has lots of profile info, as well as tons of Spot pics that I screen capped and edited for you! :D

Because Spot was in the lead in the poll at the time I started making the "Character Pages" section, I started with him. It looks like Racetrack will probably be next (yay I am excited! ^.^) It's appropriate that I posted Spot's page today because today is the three year anniversary of when I met Gabriel Damon. (man, that long ago... D':)

Wowies, two updates in one day...

Posted by Jen - - on February 19th @ 8:48 pm Pacific time

:) :D :O XD

I added one new drawing by Pitch to the "Fan Page" so go take a look! It's super cute. :)

I started to change the layout, but then realized that my codes were all wonky and I didn't like the new layout. :/ So... I obviously stopped. I've made 3 new layouts in the past couple weeks but haven't posted a single one. What the heck is wrong with me. -__-;;;;

And it looks like Spot is winning by a flipping landslide in the poll that I posted. I'll get on that soon. Be ready for an explosion of Spot on this site. haha

Posted by Jen - - on February 19th @ 2:25 am Pacific time

Screencaps, Screencaps, and more screencaps.

My title basically explains it all. ^ I added all of my old screencaps that have been inactive for years back to the "Screencaps" page. :) It took me a while to do, so I hope you like them! (There are sooooo freaking many... over 700.) I hope to add new ones soon. I'm workin' on it.

I am really impressed by my crazy updating spree. I really hope I can keep this up. ^^;; haha

Posted by Jen - - on February 17th @ 12:46 am Pacific time

Newsies: The Musical Parody

So I've literally been waiting years to make this update. Last night I was playing around with my new video editing software, and I randomly decided to finally digitally edit the Newsies movie my friends and I filmed almost 4 years ago in Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. It's super long, but I think you'll like it! And you'll understand all of our jokes if you've seen the movie 5 hundred million times like we have. :D

Those videos can be found in the, you guessed it, "Videos" section. (They are posted to my YouTube account.)

I love my new video editing software. *hugs it* Srsly tho. I think I am going to go fix up some of the other vids we filmed years ago (such as Roundhouse and CSI. haha)

Here are some spoiler pics from our Newsies!

Hopefully more updates will come during my last week of freedom before school. -___-

Posted by Jen - - on February 13th @ 12:04 am Pacific time

Where's me pitcha? Where's me pitcha??!!

I added 11 new pictures to the "Pictures" page. I also added a whole new page to the Miscellaneous section called "Newsies Winterguard." I wrote a whole page about the show I performed 3 years ago, talked about the process, and posted pictures and other stuff. Go check it out! I also finally got the video posted. :D Happy day. It's not the BEST quality... but if you read about the show first and are familiar with the music/movie, you should be able to tell what's going on....should...haha

Thanks for all of the encouraging e-mails! I'm glad that with more time on my hands I'm able to actually reply to most of you guys! I had no idea that updating my site would have the effect that it has... I'm glad you guys still support this site and the Newsies. :D

Oh, and please remember to vote!

Posted by Jen - - on February 9th @ 10:36 pm Pacific time

It's a rigged deck, they've got all the marbles.

Well, I promised you updates before morning, and here you go! Lot's of updates! I am obviously going back on what I said in the update back on May 28th: "I just can't update anymore (obviously) with my busy college life. ........ I won't stop updating altogether... it'll just be very very infrequent, and it'll be stupid little updates like this one." So yea, I'm back in action, and like I stated in a previous post, this is because I am not working, and I am out of school at the moment. (until later this month.) So let's get to updates! There is a lot to cover heah'.

First of all, I decided that I want to add proper image galleries/info sections for each of the Newsies, but I don't want to do it all at once. (that would take centuries) So, I've set up a poll, where you guys can vote for which Newsie you would like me to make a page for first! Please vote, it'll help me out a lot. You can vote on the "Polls" page, or simply by clicking here!

I also added:
-those pictures that were briefly mentioned yesterday, to the "About Me" section
-7 new pictures to the "Pictures" page
-a fact to the "Random Facts" page
-13 new Whacked Up Facts (lol) to the "Spot's Thoughts" page (my friend actually wrote them years ago but happened to find them again today ^^;;)
-a description to the "Cut Scenes" page to eliminate confusion on whether or not the scenes are on the DVD

I also removed the "Coming Up" page, because I'd rather talk about the Newsie's up and coming works in my updates.

So that's a lot of changes, and new crap, considering I haven't updated like this in ages. But the best update I've saved for last, and it's in my "Newsies Now" section. ^___^ Yes, I went and saw another Newsie--Swifty (Kevin Stea). That's Newsie numero 9 for me! We also saw someone else Newsie-related when we were there.... it was crazy. Go read about it!

Why are my updates always so figgin long?

Posted by Jen - - on February 5th @ 2:32 am Pacific time

Happy Skittery's Birthday everyone! :B

Yes, today is Michael Goorjian's birthday. I love that man. I hope you guys had a great one.

Well, I am updating random stuff at this very moment, so hang tight. I'll probably have something worth looking at before tomorrow morning, but for now all I've done is edit my "About Me" page. There was a lot of info on there that wasn't up to date, but I've fixed it. :) I'll also be adding new pictures on there soon.

Check back tonight or tomorrow for real updates!

Posted by Jen - - on February 4th @ 9:41 pm Pacific time

Hello Newsies, what's new?

She LIVES. Yes, the creator of this site LIVES!!!!!! I am back to add some zest into the Newsie world, or my site at least.

So, no major updates yet (whatís new?), and there is a reason for that. My old computer has pretty much bit the dust and it had all of my Newsies related stuff in it. D: (ie. pictures, comics, etc.) But right now I am currently not working and I am just a full time college student, so I have a bit more time to grace you people that I love with my presence. ^___^

Ok, enough with the intro÷ just thought Iíd let ya know that updates are on the way, just not this very second. First, I would loooove to get around to changing the layout. Itís ugly and Iím sick of looking at it. :D Also, I have video editing software on my new laptop, so Iíll be uploading my Newsies themed Color Guard show (from back in í05) on here soon. I cannot wait until you see it. It really makes me miss the good old days. And thirdly, my friends and I are on the trail of another newsie that we think we may be able to meet very soon. I hope it happens, and if it does, trust me, youíll hear aaaaaaaaaaall about it!! ^.^

So yea, today I watched Newsies with my friends, and it really reminded me of why I love it so much. Iíve been busy up until now and havenít had time for Newsie-ish activities, but those days are over and Iím jumping back in! Expect to be hearing more from me soon. :)

And thanks for still supporting this site even though itís been kind of dead as of late. I love you guys. *hugs*

Posted by Jen - - on January 27th @ 4:50 am Pacific time


Hello. Bet you didn't expect to hear from me. Yea... I know. I haven't updated in like... 4 months. Don't remind me. -_-;;

Over the past few days I've thought of some things that the Newsies Freaks of the world should know, and I figured it was about time I updated.

First of all, to get the updates out of the way, I fixed up the sidebar a bit. I decided that the 3 affiliates I already have are the ones I am going to stick with, because there were too many others requested via e-mail for me to add. (And yes, this is fair.... those were the first 3 I received .... ever.)

As you also probably already noticed, I removed the "Featured Newsie" section too, simply because I am lazy. So be it. I really don't enjoy having to come on and update for every newsie's birthday. @__@ I know. I am a horrible person. ^_~

Okaaaay! Now onto the fun stuff!! :D:D:D First of all, I am happy (that's putting it lightly)... ok, I am VERY happy to announce that Illusion starring and directed by Michael Goorjian aka Skittery came out on DVD TODAY. (OMG I know. XD) My best friend bought it for me as an early birthday gift (my b-day is on Saturday tho) and I am uber excited. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen when I saw it in theaters 2 years ago, and I am about to watch it again now. (I hope it wasn't just super good because Michael Goorjian was in the same theater with me watching it too.... that probably had a little something to do with it. ^.^;;) So yea. GET IT. NOW. I PROMISE you won't be unsatisfied. :)

Neeeeext... I found out about a month ago that Mr. Trey Parker (aka Kid Blink) himself will be in my home town on July 26th at 7 doing a concert with his band the MVPs. It's free, I believe, and it's in the Corona city park. (Corona being in Southern Cal.) If you are located close by, you really should come out and meet him, and meet me and my posse as well. We'll all be there. His little concerts are always a blast.

Aaaaaand... Kenny Ortega (aka director and choreographer of Newsies) has been spotted quite frequently on the Disney channel due to his upcoming movie High School Musical 2. So watch for him. :O

Laaaaaaastly.... (why do I keep dooooooing thaaaaat...????) I believe it's time to tell you guys adieu. Yes... goodbye, sayonara, adios. But not for good. (haha, I guess I just felt like being dramatic.) I just can't update anymore (obviously) with my busy college life. -______- I know. You hate me now. But I really enjoyed the time I had working on this site. No, I will not take it down. And yes, you will still hear from me. So technically, I won't stop updating altogether... it'll just be very very infrequent, and it'll be stupid little updates like this one. (er.... I guess not always little...) So every now and again I'll let you know when a new Newsiefied movie is coming out, or where to meet a newsie and what not. So yea, no more huge updates for me. Bet you already knew that tho. ;)

Thanks for always supporting this site! And I hope you keep on doing so! Don't lose touch, even though I hardly ever can write back to e-mails, your words of encouragement always make me happy. :) Once again, don't give up entirely on the site, and please enjoy what I've come up with on here over the past 2+ years!!

And remember to always.... CARRY THAT BANNER!

Posted by Jen - - on May 28th @ 11:34 pm Pacific time


What is this? Two updates in the SAME MONTH??!! Have I gone insane? No I've just found some time. -_-;; I have a teeny tiny break from school, and work has been letting me actually have a life. Life is good. I missed it. I missed you guys. I missed the Newises. *tear*

Um ok, that was pointless. On to my update. whoo!

So basically, my new update is pretty zesty. I have a strong hunch you guys are going to like it. (If you haven't already seen it... that is.) I added a Videos page to the "Media" section. *ooh, aah* But that is not the best part. *what?* In that section I placed some clips from backstage newsies that were so graciously added to YouTube by Mr. Kevin Stea himself. He rocks. I hope you enjoy, (if you haven't seen them yet... like I mentioned before.)

I also added The Prestige on DVD to the "Coming Up" page. So check it out man.

Next, people obviously don't even read these updates because I have recieved MORE e-mails about the stupid nun and wedding ring thing that I posted about last time. (If you are lost, read the last update.) Are people e-mailing me about that just to spite me, or are they actually serious that they didn't read or understand what I wrote about it? Whatever. I don't care anymore. I'm moving on with my life. >:D

Another really annoying e-mail topic (no offense to those of you who wrote me about this...) is the topic of Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square. Here's my answer to you guys. There are more than FIVE DIFFERENT PLACES ON THIS SITE THAT TELL YOU WHERE YOU CAN BUY THE MOVIE. I simply don't have time to answer every single e-mail asking me where to get it. Also, I WILL NEVER POST THE ENTIRE MOVIE (of Blood Drips) ON YOUTUBE OR ON MY SITE. It's not that expensive. Just buy it. That's illegal anyways, I'm not going to steal the money right out of the Blood Drips fund to give my site more glory. Sorry guys.

That was a lot of info. whooooo. Sorry, I had to vent there. Don't hate me.

Enjoy the updates, have a zesty day after Christian Bale's birthday, and CTB!

Posted by Jen - - on January 31st @ 5:57 pm Pacific time

FAQ, and birthdays, and hate mail, oh my!...

Hello? Does anyone still come to this crap site that hardly exists anymore? -_-;; j/k I got allllllll of your e-mails, believe me, and I am back in action.... for today. (And who knows how long this will last. *tear*) I feel really bad about totally abandoning you guys for a couple months, it's just that I keep getting busier and busier. Like honestly, there are soooo many more important things I should be doing right now, rather than this small update.... oops. So basically, here are your updates, friends.

First off, because no one bothers to read my FAQ page, I'll just put some Frequently Asked Questions answer's here, instead of posting them on that page. I am kinda getting sick of getting 5 million e-mails about the same flipping thing. Sorry. ^^;;

FAQ #1: Why haven't I received info from you about the rally of '07?
Answer #1: Simply because I am not the person to e-mail if you want to be added to the list. I never was, I never will be. That was a typo on the "Rallies" page. The person hosting the rally asked me about a year ago if I could post info on my site about it, so I just copied and pasted what she sent me. Sorry.

FAQ #2: In your observations section, why do you state that it is odd that a nun is wearing a wedding ring? Nuns wear rings showing their "marriage to God".
Answer #2: Another little mistake on my part. People send me their observations via e-mail, and that is one I received continuously. I added it because it was starting to drive me crazy, and now I have even MORE people after me. piff.

FAQ #3: Why don't you update any more?
Answer #3: I have a life. Sad as it is. I miss the days where I could laze around on the computer for hours on end. I hate it when people get angry with me because it takes me so long to update something, but it's true that I feel bad for those who miss the updates but don't e-mail me about them every day. @_@ So here's what's up with moi. I am a full time college student, working full time hours at Disneyland (which it takes me an hour and a half to get to work every day, so that is time consuming too), my internet crashes monthly, making it impossible to even get online, and my older sister is getting married in two days (my house is a bit chaotic right now). I've got lots on my plate; please don't give me a hard time. K thanks.

Alright, on to more exciting matters... (not really...) I added a new "Hate Mail" to that lovely page. Enjoy! Also, I updated the "Featured Newsie" section, and changed it to the "Featured Newsies" section, because I honestly don't see myself updating every one of their birthdays. Forgive me.

Oh, and yay. NewsiesFreak.com reached it's "official" 2nd birthday on January 1st of this year. Yay for that. And when I logged in, I was hit number 305,600 for this site. That makes me a happy panda. :D

But more importantly, what's up with you guys? E-mail me or myspace message me, I want to know how everyone's doin in the Newsie world. I miss you guys.

Posted by Jen - - on January 11th @ 11:35 pm Pacific time

This should take you a while to read...

Hello all. Yes, I still exist. Yes, this site still exists sort of. ^^;; This semester of school is coming to an end for me, so hopefully, come December, youíll be hearing more from me. (Except, unfortunately, during the Christmas season, Disneyland sees itís biggest crowds, so Iíll probably have to work more. -_-;;) Oh well, Iíll figure something out.

Ok, so I know that David Moscowís b-day already passed, and I never posted it, but my internet is down, so once again I have to update from my sisterís computer so I donít have any of the programs on here to make the little picture with. Thatís another reason I havenít been updating anything else.

Alrighty then, first off, because I havenít really updated since The Prestige came out, here is my say on the movie. I have seen it more times than I can even remember (obviously meaning that I love it) and it was my favorite Christian Bale movie (besides Newsies of course) of all time. Chris Nolan is an amazing director, Christian Bale is an amazing actor, and the rest of the cast was just as phenomenal. Itís a movie you have to see again and again. See it if you havenít already.

Next, I went and saw Harsh Times with my posse a couple days ago, and it was interesting to say the least. A very different role for Christian, but he was great nonetheless. Itís rated R for good reasonóitís violent, graphic, thereís a lot of language, and drug use/substance abuse. Christian plays a man who fought in the Gulf War, and who is now trying to become a Police Officer, but his crazy lifestyle keeps him from being hired. If you are under 17, think twice about making your parents buy you a ticket, because like I said earlier, it is rater R for good reason.

And lastly, my mom is a huge CSI Miami fan for some reason÷. (we mainly watch the show to make fun of that Horatio guy) but anyways, she was watching the other night, and spotted Michael Goorjianís name in the beginning credits. Of course, I had to watch it then, but I felt a little bad that I couldnít post about it until after the fact. Watch for re-runs of CSI Miami, and you may see Michael Goorjianís beautiful face being hauled off to jail after being the suspect for the murder of a group of woman. :D How fun!

Alright. ĎTis all. Sorry for the extremely long update. Peace out, and have a good one.

Posted by Jen - - on November 17th @ 2:36 am Pacific time

A Small Addition

Here's a small add-on to my former post. I brought back the "Coming Up" page, and you can find it in the Information section of the side bar. Go take a look at it. I'm sure there's probably a few things there you didn't already know about. ;)

Posted by Jen - - on October 18th @ 3:25 am Pacific time

Happy Birthday dear Swifty the Rake

The only thing I really added was Kevin Stea's birthday to the side bar. I'm planning on possibly updating way later tonight when I get off work, so check back if you please.

Posted by Jen - - on October 17th @ 2:39 pm Pacific time

Affiliates, Christian Bale, and more

Alrighty, I added two new affiliates to the Affiliates section on the side bar. Angry Kids With No Money, a great message board site I already had linked, and Newsies Lovers, a fairly new, but well made site. :) I still have a couple open spots for affiliates, so you can keep sending them in! (And there are a few I haven't gotten around to yet, and I will in time.)

Around the beginning of September, I was watching TV with my family and one of my friends when a commercial came on for a new movie we had never heard of. We were all drawn into the commercial, and were wondering what it was (because it looked so good.) Then, Christian Bale's lovely face appeared which only drew me in more. The movie is called "The Prestige," and it is starring Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, and Michael Caine. So it looks like an amazingly good cast, not to mention our Jack Kelly is in it, and it is from the same director of "Batman Begins"--Chris Nolan.

So go check out the movie's site and be sure to watch the trailor. It is supposed to come out October 20th, but I've been hearing it may be pushed back to the 27th. Click the following link for the official site. {The Prestige Official Site}

Posted by Jen - - on September 28th @ 6:17 pm Pacific time

Updates and Concerns

Hola. Here's my update. I only added a few things, so here they be. I added my first affiliate, The Walkin' Mouth to my "Affiliates" section in the side bar. I posted Marty Belafsky's birthday a bit early to the "Featured Newsie" section of the side bar. I also made a new page called History, and it's in the "Information" section of the sidebar. And lastly, I added 8 new icons to the Icons page.

So besides updates, I have a little more to say. I received an e-mail a while back giving me a heads up that my last update was upsetting to some people. They let me know that although they didn't have a problem with it, others did. All I have to say about that is that I wasn't trying to be offensive.

When I said "at least when I update, the updates are HUGE updates and not measly daily/weekly ones" I was referring to my site in the past. Not someone else's. To tell you the honest to God truth, I could really care less how much anyone else updates--I don't try and keep track or anything. Sorry. :( I was referring to how my old updates would consist of a new picture being added (as an example) or the addition of two new icons. I wasn't talking about anyone else's sites, so please lighten up, and don't take everything that I say to heart. Thanks.

I also apologize for my lack of updates. I am really trying, I promise. Working full time and being a college student keeps me pretty busy. It is almost impossible to have a social life out of work, and it is insanely hard to update on top of all of that. I hope you understand that I would update if I could. I really just don't have the time to let this site be my life any more.

Posted by Jen - - on September 18th @ 1:27 am Pacific time


Welcome back to the extremely new and improved NewsiesFreak.com! IT'S ABOUT TIME. I KNOW. So yea, I've been getting some major signs that I was supposed to start updating again... so I did.

First of all, every night I'd come home from work my mom would be watching Newsies. (Which is an odd thing, let me tell you.) I guess it's been coming on Starz a lot lately or something... weird.
Secondly, I was doing homework for my theater class and was flipping through my new theater book when a picture of Aaron Lohr appeared. (I know! In my SCHOOL theater book!)
Thirdly, one of my best friends invited me to go out with a bunch of fellow Disneyland-working Newsies fans last night. That was fun. :)

So yes, Newsies has been haunting me lately (not like you care), so I decided this was the best time to actually update.

Now I know this is a rare occasion, and apologize, but at least when I update, the updates are HUGE updates and not measly daily/weekly ones. So here you go. New new new layout. Like nothing this site has ever seen. A year and a half later and I finally change the dang set-up. whew. -_-;;

I also added a "Lyrics" page (which was well wanted), a new section for site affiliates, a Myspace group, and other various things that I cannot recall at the moment.

And yes, I know that I've been neglecting e-mail YET AGAIN... sorry I am just insanely busy. No joke. You can still write to me. I read them all, and I TRY to answer them as well.

Well, this was an excruciatingly long update.... oops. Have fun with the new junk, and have a zesty day. :) CTB.

Posted by Jen - - on September 3rd @ 3:30 am Pacific time