The Newsies

Jack Kelly

Played by: Christian Bale

Birthdate: January 30th, 1974

Character Description: Jack is the leader of the Manhattan newsies. He led them into strike when they were charged more for their papes. Although he is tough and stubborn, he is also a dreamer. He wants to get away and live out west in Santa Fe.

Actor Bio: Christian Bale was born in Wales, but began his acting career in England where he was raised. He started out by appering in school plays at the age of 10. In 1987, he caught the attention of Steven Speilburg and was cast in his first movie Empire of the Sun as the main character. (It's a very good movie, you should consider watching it.) Newsies, however was his fisrt musical... and he makes it very clear that it is also his last. He continued appearing in movies after Newsies, and now he is a well know actor. He was asked to be the next James Bond, but he turned it down. However, he played Batman in Batman Begins, and will continue the role in the sequel.

Untitled Batman Begins Sequel (2008) .... Bruce Wayne/Batman
I'm Not There: Suppositions on a Film Concerning Dylan (2006)
The Prestige (2006) .... Alfred Borden
Rescue Dawn (2006) .... Dieter
Harsh Times (2006) .... Jim David
The New World (2005) .... John Rolfe
Batman Begins (2005) .... Bruce Wayne/Batman
The Machinist (2004) .... Trevor Reznik
Equilibrium (2002) .... John Preston
Reign of Fire (2002) .... Quinn Abercromby
Laurel Canyon (2002) .... Sam
Captain Corelli's Mandolin (2001) .... Mandras
Shaft (2000) .... Walter Wade, Jr.
American Psycho (2000) .... Patrick Bateman
Mary, Mother of Jesus (1999) (TV) .... Jesus of Nazareth
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999) .... Demetrius
All the Little Animals (1998) .... Bobby Platt
Velvet Goldmine (1998) .... Arthur Stuart
Metroland (1997) .... Chris
The Portrait of a Lady (1996) .... Edward Rosier
The Secret Agent (1996) .... Stevie
Pocahontas (1995) (voice) .... Thomas
Little Women (1994) .... Laurie
Prince of Jutland (1994) .... Amled
Swing Kids (1993) .... Thomas Berger
Newsies (1992) .... Jack Kelly
A Murder of Quality (1991) (TV) .... Tim Perkins
Treasure Island (1990) (TV) .... Jim Hawkins
Henry V (1989) .... Falstaff's Boy
Empire of the Sun (1987) .... Jim
Mio min Mio (1987) .... Jum-Jum
Heart of the Country (1987) (mini) TV Series .... Ben Harris
Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (1986) (TV) .... Alexei

David Jacobs

Played by: David Moscow

Birthdate: November 17th, 1974

Character Description: David is the "walking-mouth" who gives Jack all of his ideas. He is very smart, and in my opinion somewhat annoying. He was the reason Jack even decided to strike.

Actor Bio: David Moscow was born and raised in New York City, and since he was young he always knew he wanted to be in movies. (He always thought he would be a stuntman, not one of the actual actors) When he was 11, he was cast in his firt small role on the TV show Kate and Allie. When he was cast as David in Newsies, he was scared to death. He had no singing or dancing experience (just like most of the other newsies.) After Newsies, he graduated from Central Park East Secondary School, and then continued to act in more movies.

Nearing Grace (2005) .... Blair
David & Layla (2005) .... David Fine
Honey (2003) .... Michael Ellis
Just Married (2003) .... Kyle
Riding in Cars with Boys (2001) .... Lizard
Endsville (2000) .... Isaac Melnick
Loving Jezebel (1999) .... Gabe
Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane (1999) TV Series .... Duncan Milch)
River Red (1998) .... Tom Holden
Side Streets (1998) .... Bellboy
Girl (1998) .... Greg
Restaurant (1998) .... Reggae
Hurricane (1997) .... Shane
White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II (1993) .... Adam
Newsies (1992) .... David Jacobs
Living Dolls (1989) TV Series .... Rick Carlin
Live-In (1989) TV Series .... Peter
I'll Be Home for Christmas (1988) (TV)
The Wizard of Loneliness (1988) .... Jimmy Wiggen
Big (1988) .... Young Josh
* David also appered in Kate and Allie and Seinfeld

Les Jacobs

Played by: Luke Edwards

Birthdate: March 24th, 1980

Character Description: Les is David's little brother who practially worships Jack. He wants to be a newsie too, so he comes to work with Dave. His cuteness helps him sell his papes.

Actor Bio: Luke Edwards was born in Northern California, and moved to LA when he was 5. He started taking acting classes there that eventually landed him parts in various commercials and small television roles. While he was filming Newsies, Stephen Speilburg tried to bargain Kenny Ortega into letting go of Luke so he could be the little boy in Hook. Ortega refused, leaving us with our Les. :) He continued acting, and is still seen in movies.

Graphic (2005) .... John
Debating Robert Lee (2004) .... Michael Holland
Jeepers Creepers II (2003) .... Jack Taggart, Jr.
Shadow Realm (2002) (TV) .... Wes
American Pie 2 (2001) .... High School Guy
Cheaters (2000/I) (TV) .... Darius Bettus
Undressed (1999) TV Series .... Mark (1999: Season 1)
The Little Riders (1996) (TV) .... Paul Petersen
Little Big League (1994) .... Billy Heywood
The Yarn Princess (1994) (TV) .... Daniel Thomas
Mother's Boys (1994) .... Kes Madigan
Newsies (1992) .... Les Jacobs
Guilty by Suspicion (1991) .... Paulie Merrill
Not of This World (1991) (TV) .... Billy Fletcher
Davis Rules (1991) TV Series .... Charlie Davis
Molloy (1990) TV Series .... Jason
The Wizard (1989) .... Jimmy Woods/The Wizard
I Know My First Name Is Steven (1989) (TV) .... Steven Stayner
Tattle: When to Tell on a Friend (1988) (TV) .... Jack
* Luke also appered in 21 Jump Street, Roseanne, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Strange World, and Night Visions.


Played by: Max Casella

Birthdate: June 6th, 1967

Character Description: Racetrack is the wise-ass newsie who never misses the opportunity to crack some kind of cheesey joke. (Oh, but don't we love it!) He spends most of his days at Sheepshead Bay betting on the races.

Actor Bio: Max Casella was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Massachusetts. He was great at drawing and originally wanted to be an artist. But when he was 12, he was asked to be in a high school production of Pippin, that's when he decided he wanted to act. He moved to New York when he was 18 and worked in a theater there. He spent the summer of 1987 at the London Academy studying Shakespeare. Then, he landed his most famous role as Vinnie Delphino in Doogie Howser M.D. Newsies was his first movie, and was in many after it. He also accomplished his life long dream of being on Broadway when he was cast as Timon in The Lion King, and Marcellus Washburn in The Music Man.

Scaring the Fish (2006) .... Dennis
Bristol Boys (2005) .... Donny
Jak III (2004) (VG) (voice) .... Daxter
Min'na no gorufu 4 (2003) (VG) (voice)
Jak II (2003) (VG) (voice) .... Daxter
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (2001) (VG) (voice) .... Daxter
The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea (2000) (V) (voice) .... Tip
Dinosaur (2000) (voice) .... Zini
Freak Talks About Sex (1999) .... Freak's High School Friend
Analyze This (1999) .... Nicky Shivers
Trial and Error (1997) .... Dr. Brown, Psychiatrist
Sgt. Bilko (1996) .... Pvt. Dino Paparelli
Windrunner (1995) .... Denny LeBlanc
The Adventures of Hyperman (1995) TV Series (voice) .... Studd Puppy
Ed Wood (1994) .... Paul Marco
Cro (1993) TV Series (voice) .... Cro
Newsies (1992) .... Racetrack
Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989) TV Series .... Vinnie Delpino
* Max also appered in The Equalizer, Kate & Allie, The Cosby Mysteries, Hey Arnold!, The Sopranos, The Legend of Tarzan, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Kim Possible, and in the broadway musicals The Lion King and The Music Man.

Kid Blink

Played by: Trey Parker

Birthdate: May 30th, 1972

Character Description: Kid Blink wears a patch over his left eye... some say for pity... I dunno. He's a very happy newsie who is always seen wearing his zesty smile. :)

Actor Bio: Trey Parker was born in Alabama, and decided to pursue acting at the age of 10. He learned how to dance by watching the show Soul Train and copying the dancers. When he was 14, he went with a friend to New York where they studied acting and dancing. He also enrolled in the High School of Performing Arts there. He was in many commercials and was many small roles in shows. He met Kenny Ortega when he was in the musical show Hull High. While he was in Newsies, he was also in a band called EYC (Express Yourself Clearly), with two of his friends. For a while, he was in a band called The MVP's. (They were very good... I got to see them ^_~) Trey recently wrote and produced his new single “Hold My Heart” (co-written and produced with Wes Quave, former La Face Recording Artist). “Hold My Heart” has been dedicated to and was performed at Andrew Firestone’s wedding on July 5th 2008. (Andrew Firestone was the star of the ABC hit TV show “The Bachelor”.) Along with song writing, Trey has recently jumped back into acting as well.

American Dreamz (2006) .... Show Contestant
Newsies (1992) .... Kid Blink
Hull High (1990) TV Series .... Devil Rapper #1
Caddie Woodlawn (1989) .... Tom Woodlawn
* Trey also appered in Baywatch and Buddy Faro.


Played by: Aaron Lohr

Birthdate: April 2nd, 1976

Character Description: Mush is the "hot" newsie, who does lots of flips and hand springs. (I admire him for this. O_o) He's another one of those happy newsies.

Actor Bio: Aaron Lohr is from California, and he started gymnastics and dancing at only 3 years old. He started his acting career at age 5. He was in several music videos directed by none other than Kenny Ortega. When he was 6, he played a lead role in a broadway-bound musical called "Chaplin." But most people know him from his roles in The Mighty Ducks 2 and 3. Just recently he performed in The Full Monty on Tour.

RENT (2005) .... Steve
Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story (2000) (TV) .... Micky Dolenz
Perfect Assassins (1998) (TV) .... Billy Collins
Trojan War (1997) .... Jock #1
D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996) .... Dean Portman
A Goofy Movie (1995) (singing voice) .... Max
D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994) .... Dean Portman
Newsies (1992) .... Mush
Peter Pan and the Pirates (1990) TV Series .... Hard-to-hit, Tall Twin
Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue (1990) (TV) (voice)
Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School (1988) (TV) (voice) .... Miguel
Bustin' Loose (1987) TV Series .... Nikky Robison
* Aaron also appered in St. Elsewhere, Baywatch, Family Matters, The Wonder Years, Blossom, Sister Sister, Step by Step, and Teen Angel.


Played by: Arvie Lowe Jr.

Birthdate: February 3rd, 1976

Character Description: Boots may be one of the smallest newsies, but he is definately one of the bravest. He's not afraid Brooklyn! Huzzah! He likes shoes and he can't stand blood!

Actor Bio: Arvie Lowe Jr. was born and raised in Los Angeles, and began acting in school plays at the age of 8. He decided then that acting was what he wanted to do, so he enrolled in Regina's School of Performing Arts. He studied voice and dance, and won several awards for his dancing skills. When he was 12, he began performing on the road as a Reebok footware dancer. After Newsies, he was in many commercials and has been seen most recently on Lizzie McGwire as Lizzie's teacher Mr. Dig.

Knock, Knock... Who's There? (2003) .... Ace
Focus (2001/II) .... Boo
The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000) .... Sharp-Eyed Student
Trippin' (1999) .... Male Student
Smart Guy (1997) TV Series .... Deion (1997-1998)
I'll Do Anything (1994) .... 'Rainbow House' child
Bébé's Kids (1992) (voice) .... Additional Voices
Newsies (1992) .... Boots
* Arvie also appered in Thea, Sister Sister, Moesha, City Guys, Blossom, Sister Sister, and Lizzie McGuire.


Played by: Marty Belafsky

Birthdate: September 19th, 1975

Character Description: Crutchy is the poor gimp newsie with a disabled right leg, and he is definately not faking it. His leg oftenly puts him in danger beacause he can't get around as fast as the others.

Actor Bio: Marty Belafsky is also a native of Los Angeles who was in his first school play when he was 9. After that, he enrolled in a six-week program at Cal State Northridge where he studied acting, comedy, and dance. Marty was also a regular on the show Hull High, and has been seen as extras in many movies lately. His goal is to one day direct.

Fingers Walking (2005) .... Dr. Isaac Jacovski
Funny Money (2005) .... Stan Martin
A Mighty Wind (2003) .... Ramblin' Sandy Pitnik
Back by Midnight (2002) .... Jerk Off
The 4th Tenor (2002) .... Johnny
Men in Black II (2002) .... MIB Customs Agent
America's Sweethearts (2001) .... Security Guard
Evolution (2001) .... MP
Pearl Harbor (2001) .... Louie (sailor)
The Lyricist Lounge Show (2000) TV Series .... Various
Spoof! An Insider's Guide to Short Film Success (2000) .... Scott's Friend
Wrestling Ernest Hemingway (1993) .... Ned Ryan
Breaking the Rules (1992) .... Young Rob
Newsies (1992) .... Crutchy
Hull High (1990) TV Series .... Louis Plumb
* Marty also appered in The Wonder Years, Step by Step, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Six Feet Under, Raymann is laat, and Still Standing.

Spot Conlon

Played by: Gabriel Damon

Birthdate: April 23rd, 1976

Character Description: Spot is the leader of the Brooklyn newsies. Everyone respects him. Although he is small, he is extremely intimidating with his sling shot. (and so is that music that plays whenever he enters the scene...)

Actor Bio: Gabriel Damon was born in Nevada, but moved to LA when he was 4. By the time he turned 7, he had already been in over 50 commercials! (he was a cute little kid... evil though... see Robocop 2...) His first major role was in the TV show Call to Glory, and after that ended, he played small roles in many other shows. He also played the voice of Little Foot in The Land Before Time and appered in many other movies.

Planet Ibsen (2005) .... Young Strindberg
Social Misfits (2001) .... Jason
Bayou Ghost (1997) .... Peter
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1992) (voice) .... Little Nemo
Newsies (1992) .... Spot Conlon
Iron Maze (1991) .... Mikey
Robocop 2 (1990) .... Hob
Tale Spin (1990) TV Series (voice) .... Additional Voices
Journey to Spirit Island (1988) .... Willie
Tequila Sunrise (1988) .... Cody McKussic
The Land Before Time (1988) (voice) .... Littlefoot
Terminus (1987) .... Mati
One Big Family (1986) TV Series .... Roger Hatton
Stranger in My Bed (1986) (TV) .... Stuart Slater
Convicted (1986) (TV) .... Joel Forbes
Shattered Vows (1984) (TV) .... Daryl
Call to Glory (1984) TV Series .... R.H. Sarnac
* Gabriel also appered in Punky Brewster, Riptide, Diff'rent Strokes, Amazing Stories, Our House, Who's the Boss?, Good Morning Miss Bliss, Mr. Belvedere, Just the Ten of Us, The New Lassie, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Baywatch, Eerie Indiana, The Commish, Sirens, and ER.


Played by: Michael Goorjian

Birthdate: February 4th, 1971

Character Description: Skittery seems like he's always having a bad day. He disagrees with the other newsies oftenly, and doesn't always think before he says something. Poor Skitt...

Actor Bio: Michael Goorjian was born in Northern California, and beacame involved with acting in junior high. He apperared in several shows as well as Hull High and Party of Five. After Newsies, he won an Emmy when he played David in David's Mother. (he did a good job... the movie is sad though) He co-founded the Buffalo Knights Theatre Company, was in several plays and movies, and he choreographed the theater version of Reefer Madness. Currently he is working towards being a director who makes his own films that are shown at film-festivals.

Conversations with God (2006)
Broken (2006) .... Thomas
Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical (2005) .... Mickey Druther
Illusion (2004) .... Christopher
Happily Even After (2004) .... Stuart
Go for Broke (2002) .... Rome/Romie
The Mesmerist (2002) .... Coroner #1
Pomegranate (2001) .... Jack
Deal of a Lifetime (1999) .... Henry
Here Lies Lonely (1999) .... Sid
How to Get Laid at the End of the World (1999) .... Michael
Life in a Day (1999) (TV) .... Dr. Peter Hamilton
Do Not Disturb (1999) .... Billy Boy Manson
Something More (1999) .... Sam
The Invisibles (1999) .... Jude
SLC Punk! (1999) .... Bob
Art House (1998) .... Danny Farthing
Screening (1998)
Hard Rain (1998) .... Kenny
Leaving Las Vegas (1995) .... College boy 1
Party of Five (1994-1997) TV Series .... Justin Thompson
Blind Justice (1994) .... Soldier #1
David's Mother (1994) (TV) .... David Goodson
The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? (1993) (TV) .... Scott Chapman
Chaplin (1992) .... Charles Chaplin Jr
Forever Young (1992) .... Steven
Newsies (1992) .... Skittery
Shelf Life (1991) .... Adam
Never Forget (1991) (TV) .... Chuck
* Michael also appered in Growing Pains, Life Goes On, Sweet Justice, Under Suspicion, Touched by an Angel, Chicago Hope, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Without a Trace.


Played by: Matthew Fields

Birthdate: August 18th, 1976

Character Description: Snipeshooter is another small newsie, who gets picked on alot... by the Delancy's and his fellow newsie friends.

Actor Bio: Matthew Fields became interested in acting when he was young. He was seen in a few commercials including a popular commercial for Golden Grahams cereal. When he tried out to be in Newsies, he tried out for the role of Crutchy, but Ortega made Snipeshooter as a special role just for him instead. Matthew graduated from UCSB with a degree in film studies.

Newsies (1992) (as Matthew Fields) .... Snipeshooter


Played by: Mark David

Birthdate: October 27th, 1968

Character Description: Specs wears a bowler hat which makes him unique from the others. He's a good seller who starts off yelling the headline. He has a big mouth... I'm serious.

Actor Bio: Mark David is from Oklahoma and was another regular on the show Hull High and on the Nickelodeon show Roundhouse. He is very good at impersinations (see Roundhouse) and also played Don Knotts in the newsies movie spoof Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square. (WATCH IT.) He was also in a Janet Jackson video.

Cheap Theatrix (1998) TV Series
Roundhouse (1992) TV Series
Encino Man (1992) .... Extra
Newsies (1992) .... Specs
Hull High (1990) TV Series .... Mark
Society (1989) .... Extra
* Mark also appered in Saved by the Bell: The New Class and Land's End.

Pie Eater

Played by: David Sidoni

Birthdate: March 8th, 1970

Character Description: Pie Eater is a great dancer and gymnyst. He is oftenly recognized by his "WHOO!"

Actor Bio: David "Sid" Sidoni grew up in Southern California, and his first job was at Disneyland as Peter Pan at age 16. He played soccer when he was 17, and taught himself how to do a backflip on the soccer field. (impressive...) He was another regular on Roundhouse, and after it ended, he hosted many different TV shows. He was also in the Black or White Michael Jackson music video with Kevin Stea. After that, he went back to work at Disneys California Adventure, where he hosted Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Play it! (I got in the hot seat!!! w00t!!!) After they closed that, in August, he went somewhere else... he's really nice in person and he has a zesty laugh. o^^o

Wheel of Fortune 2000 (1997) TV Series .... Host
Bing! The Sound of Something New (1995) TV Series .... Host
Roundhouse (1992) TV Series
Newsies (1992) .... Pie Eater
Black or White (1991) .... Russian Dancer
* David also appered in Beverly Hills 90210.


Played by: Dominic Lucero

Birthdate: August 28th, 1967

Character Description: Bumlets is another great dancer. He has nice hair, likes fencing, and spins on fans.

Actor Bio: Dominic Lucero went on tour with Michael Jackson and was one of the younger dancers. (Bad Tour) He was in a few movies as well as the Nickelodean show Roundhouse with some of the other newsies. In 1994, he was diagnosed with lymphoma, and died. This affected his friends greatly, and Roundhouse was discontinued. He will be remembered by newsie fans forever.

Roundhouse (1992) TV Series
Newsies (1992) .... Bumlets
Faith (1990) .... Dancer
Paula Abdul: Straight Up (1989) (V) .... Dancer
Dance to Win (1989) .... Dancer
Mac and Me (1988) .... Dancer
Stand and Deliver (1988) .... Ganas kid


Played by: Ivan Dudynsky

Birthdate: November 20th, 1970

Character Description: Dutchy is the blondie newsies who can spell "Strike"!!

Actor Bio: Ivan Dudynsky was 18 when he won a dance scholarship from Tremaine Dance Studios, and from there decided to persue a career of dance, and coreography. He taught hip-hop and tap, and even choreographed several things such as Michael Jackson's Blood on the Dance Floor video, and he was another one of the regualar newsies on Roundhouse.

Toys (1992) .... Extra
Roundhouse (1992) TV Series
Encino Man (1992) .... Student
Newsies (1992) .... Dutchy


Played by: Kevin Stea

Birthdate: October 17th, 1970

Character Description: Swifty (sometimes noted as "Swifty the Rake"... I have no idea) is a great dancer and is very flexible.

Actor Bio: Kevin Stea has performed as a dancer and performer in many movies and even commercials for Gap and Pepsi. He also toured with Madonna, and was in many music videos including Michael Jackson's Black or White with David Sidoni. (I met one of his good friends at a color guard leadership camp thing... strange, I know... so hopefully I'll get to meet him someday!)

Across the Universe (2006) .... East village Denizen
RENT (2005) .... "Noodles"/Bohemian
13 Going On 30 (2004) .... Dancer
Starsky & Hutch (2004) .... Nightclub Dancer
Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) .... 'Austinpussy' AD/Dancer
The Sweetest Thing (2002) .... Go-Go Dancer in Club
These Old Broads (2001) (TV) .... 'Boy Crazy' Dancer
A Time for Dancing (2000) .... Bryan
Charlie's Angels (2000) .... Featured Dancer
The Birdcage (1996) .... Goldman Girl
Showgirls (1995) .... Daryl
In Search of Dr. Seuss (1994) (TV) .... Turtle Choir Member
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993) .... Dancer
Newsies (1992) .... Swifty
Black or White (1991) (V).... Russian Dancer
Madonna: The Immaculate Collection (1990) (V) .... Voguer
Madonna: Blond Ambition - Japan Tour 90 (1990) (V) .... Dancer
* Kevin also appered in Red Shoe Diaries, Friends, and Nikki.


Played by: Dee Caspary

Birthdate: October 21st, 1975

Character Description: Snitch still hasn't gotten over the habbit of sucking his thumb...

Actor Bio: Dee Caspary was a dancer in the show Kids Incorporated and was also in the Mc Donalds scene of the movie Mac and Me with several other newsies. He also toured with Tiffany and The New Kids on the Block. (don't ask me who they are...)

Newsies (1992) .... Snitch
Paula Abdul: Straight Up (1989) (V) .... Dancer
Mac and Me (1988) .... Dancer in McDonald's
Kids Incorporated (1984) TV Series .... Dancer (1987-1988)


Played by: Dominic Maldonado

Birthdate: June 1st, 1975

Character Description: Itey likes to say "That's fair," and sometimes sleeps with a foot in his face. ^^;;

Actor Bio: Dominic Maldano is a native of Los Angeles. After Newsies, he taught hip-hop at a dance studio in LA. He was also a dancer for Christina Aguilera.

Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) .... Prison Mate/Dancer
Newsies (1992) .... Itey


Played by: Robert Feeney

Birthdate: August 9th, 1970

Character Description: Snoddy... well he doesn't say much... maybe cuz he's got a runny nose or something...

Actor Bio: Robert Feeney was raised in San Diego and started performing and dancing when he was 12 at San Diego's Junior Theatre. He was in many local productions and in the show Weird Science and in the movie Beach House. He also enjoys running marathons when he's not busy performing.

Beach House (1995) .... Chip
Newsies (1992) .... Snoddy
* Robert also appered in Teech and Weird Science.


Played by: Joseph Conrad

Birthdate: November 21st, 1976

Character Description: Jake is insanely happy...

Actor Bio: Joseph Conrad was interested in acting since he was young. He also enjoyed dancing. He was in the show Kids Incorperated with Dee Caspery.

Newsies (1992) .... Jake
Kids Incorporated (1984) TV Series .... Dancer (1989)