Nobody Told the Horse
Great site of mostly fan-fiction, very nice, neat and easy to navigate

44th and 2nd
Awesome site with lots of great graphics and fan stuff

4 A Buck I Might
A frequently updated Newsies obsession site with lots of things to look at

Sparks's Newsies obsession site that is filled with tons of interesting Newsieness

Angry Kids With No Money
A web forum completely dedicated to Newsies!

Page Nine
The ever growing Newsies role playing site! Go become a part of it!

Over the Brooklyn Bridge
I love this site, it's very creative... not your average newsie site :)

Mayhem's Movie Madness
Newsie-fied movie posters and other funny stuff. You have to go look in order to appreciate it!

Psycho Fangirls
Awesome site with absolutely amazing Christian Bale, Newsies, and other movies! (Yea, be sure to check out the rest of the site too!!)

Everybody Loves Michael Online
The best ever Michael Goorjian obsession site

The Official Dominic Lucero Website
Site dedicated to our dearly departed newsie-- Bumlets.

The Most Valuable Players (MVPs)
The official site for Trey Parker's current band

Rayzing Sons
The official site for Arvie Lowe Jr.'s band

Blood Drips on Newsies Square
Official site of the 1991 Newsies horror spoof, made by the cast. If you haven't seen it, go and buy a copy today, IT IS WORTH IT!!! (Absolutely the funniest thing ever)

Blood Drips Right Here
Ok, so this is like the best thing ever.... a site dedicated to Blood Drips! Pics, sounds, and info from everyone's favorite horror spoof!