Welcome to the long awaited Store, full of merchandise for perusing by Newsies lovers everywhere! So basically, this shop is stocked with Newise-fied shirts, bags, hats, sweatshirts, and other extraneous oddities. Take a look around, and I am sorry for my lack of experience on shop making (because my designs are not that great… I tried, ok? lol) Also, I apologize for some of the outrageous prices, CafePress hosts my shop, and currently, I have all of the prices down as low as they will possibly let them go. ( ihardly make a peny off of your purchases too! -_-) And one last thing, I did design all of the… designs… so please no stealing! :D Now, have an exciting time, and go shopping!

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I <3 Newsies

Newsies * Carry the Banner * Sell the Papes

Eat, Sleep, Sell Papes

Peanut Butter and Newsies

Blood Drips on Newsies Square