If you want to share your thoughts about newsies, or are just bored out of your mind, then you've come to the right place!! Just fill out this cheesy/crazy long survey! ^_^ So, yea, be truthful, and write as much as you want and have fun!

**After you have submitted the survey, be sure to hit the "Continue" button on the next page, otherwise I may not receive it!! Thanks! :)

I will not be posting any more surveys, because a.- I simply don't have time, and b.- I've been swamped with them since day one. ^^;; So, go ahead and keep sending them in, just remember, they won't be posted right now. Sorry for the innconvenience!

Name (or NN):

First of all, how old are you, and how long have you been a Newsies freak?

Who is your favorite newsie and why? (and please be more specific than "he's hot" lol)

Do you strongly dislike any of the newsies? Or do you <3 all of them?

What's your favorite song in the movie, and why?

Which newsie do you think is the best dancer?

Which newsie do you think sings the best?

Have you seen Blood Drips on Newsies Square? What did you think of it? ^___^ (man it so rocks...)

Have you ever met a newsie? (D00D!! When, where, how, I want details man!!)

Do you own a newsie outfit that you randomly wear in public?

What do you think of the music that plays whenever Spot is around?

Do you ever dream about Newsies? (I know I do...) Care to share any of your dreams? o_O

Do you celebrate the newsie's birthdays?

Have you ever felt bad for Crutchy?

Do you think the movie would have been better with a girl newsie? (psh, I know I don't...)

Does this picture frighten you at all?

Do you hate Sarah? (Everyone seems to hate her just because she got to make out with Jack >.<)

Do you watch other movies/shows that the newsies have been in? If so, what's your favorite that you've seen?

If you could "Blue Scadoo" into one of these scenes, which one would you pick, and what kind of zesty things would you do in that scene?
Scene 1 Scene 2
Scene 3 Scene 4

Do you enjoy my site at all? Is there anything here that you would like to see more of?

Do you know me personally? (Did I bribe you into taking this survey??) lol... If you don't... do you think I am strange? ^^;;

And lastly, how many "papes" would you rate my site? (5 being the highest, 1 being the lowest)

Any closing thoughts you would like to add?