Frequently Asked Questions

I thought I should add a section for all of the odd things I've been asked about my site. I hope it'll help you with what you want to know. Believe it or not, I've actually been asked all of these questions... Have a question? Drop me a line and I'll be more than happy to answer it for you. :) And if you ask me something super obvious, chances are it's already here!


Q: Is this the official Newsies site?
A: I wish. I am just a huge Newsies freak who decided to make this site for other fans like me. (Actually, there really is no official site, sadly enough.)

Q: Your site looks like crap. You should change it.
A: Thanks alot. Make your own. But anyways, I know it may not be the most appealing site in the world, considering I taught myself all of the HTML I know... but hey it's better than nothing, eh?

Q: What is "Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square?"
A: If you must know, you can find that answer in the "About the Movie" section of this site. I'm sick of explaining it... -_-"

Q: Where can you purchase "Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square?"
A: You can find that answer in my "Links", "About the Movie", and "Movies/Shows" sections.

Q: How do you know so much about the movie? Do you have connections? A: I guess you could say I "have connections." I've met the director and several of the actors.

Q: So you've met actual newsies. That's so cool. How did you do it?
A: Well, that's a broad question. Considering this movie is my life, I frequently search the internet to see if a newsie will be somewhere close by so I could have the possible chance of meeting them. I have gotten lucky a bunch of times now, and hopefully, my searching will continue to be successfull. I happen to be lucky enough to live near LA which is where over half of the newsies are currently located. You can read about the others in my "Newsies Now" section. It really is quite easy to figure out where a Newsie is going to be... so if you just look around the internet for a while, I'm sure you'll be able to find out how to meet them without my help.

Q: You guys should let us see the guest book first before we sign because maybe we signed like 5 times already and just wanna see if any of the actors signed (hint hint: Gabriel Damon).
A: Ok... first of all, there's only one person running this site (yours truly) and secondly, yea, I've noticed the millions of GB entries by the same person, or all of the blank entries that I have to delete daily. I don't care if you sign it again, I really don't, but it's been a while since I've met (hint hint) Gabriel Damon, so I doubt he's even gonna come on here and sign my book. I gave him the address, but seriously, he's a busy person, I doubt he'll remember/have time to come on here. That would be zesty, and maybe he will some day, but really now, don't count on it. Also, if you really want to view the guestbook before signing, you can go up into the address bar and change where it says 'sign' to 'view'. Not rocket science. I'm not changing my whole navigation bar for something as simple as that. Sorry.

Q: A few of your pages have broken links. And I really wanted to look at those things. Since you update alot, can you fix that?
A: Yes, I always want to know if there is a broken link, picture, sound etc. so if you let me know, I will fix it as soon as possible, and you can consider it doing me a huge favor. :)

Q: Why don't you host fanfiction?
A: Why should I? I figure I have enough stuff here already, and plus, I don't write any of my own. Also, fanfiction seems to confuse newbie-newsies a little. I'll stick with the real story for now. EVERY SINGLE OTHER NEWSIES SITE ON THE WEB HOSTS FAN FICTION. I want to be different.

Q: Your comics are very offensive. You should consider removing them for the sake of hurting someone's feelings.
A: No, sorry, but I don't think I'm going to take them down just because a few people disagree with them. Some people actually enjoy my sense of humor. (Not many... namely my friends.) If you are easily offended, you should have read the WARNING before reading them.

Q: Try to make real audio clips of the songs insted of the midis.
A: Ok, sorry, but I really can't. It is hard enough as it is to hold all of those screencaps with the limited ammount of bandwidth that this site has, I simply can't afford to put the songs on here. And if I did, it would take up the rest of the uploading room on this site and I would have to stop updating completely. I would really like to put them on, but for the time being, can't. You can download Kazaa or Limewire or any of those music sharing thingers in order to get the mp3s. Or you can just buy the CD yourself.

Q: You have a lot of stolen and uncredited content on this site.
A: I know that wasn't really a question, but I think it shouldn't go unmentioned. I find most of the information on this site from other sites; and I save the info on my computer, or in the back of my mind, and when the time comes I post it up here for everyone to read. I am sorry if I did not credit you on something, but that is for you to take up with me. Please let me know if somwthing like this happens, and I will either credit you, or remove the 'thing that went uncredited.'

Q:Why did you remove some of your merchandise from the store?
A: People have been flipping out about the fact that I am making profit off of Newsies related merchandise. I hate to break it to you, but I make about 50 cents per product sold, and all of that money goes towards keeping this site up and running. Yea, I have to pay monthly to keep this site up. So, I have decided that this is the last straw, and to keep y'all peachy, I'm going to close most of the store down. I'm sorry for those of you who enjoyed it while it lasted.

Here's just a little note for all of you that send me hate mail, or think you're helping my site through "constructive" critisism:
Please just leave my site alone. If you had a problem with it, let it be. Get on with your life. It's not the end of the world. Every time I see a site that is incorrect, that offends me, or has copied mine word for word, I move on. End of story. Thanks.

Also, if you have a concern that is really bothering you, e-mail me. My guestbook is not for your concerns. A friendly suggestion would be fine, and that's what it's there for, but if you have a huge matter to take care of; e-mail me. {}