Cut Scenes

These are obviously scenes that were cut from the movie, and I found all of the pictures that you see below (with the exception of the Wagon Scene picture) on the DVD. There is no "Deleted Scenes" section of the DVD, but if you watch the special features closely, you will see bits and pieces of the scenes, if not the whole thing.

It takes a smile as sweet as butter...
This scene originally took place at the beginning of Carrying the Banner. For those of you who have listened to the CD (if you're here, I hope you have) this is actually on the CD, and at one point was filmed to take place, but was cut in order for a "change" in the scene. (Instead it cuts to the little boy yelling at the other World Employees.) For those of you not familar with the CD, its a section of the song where Jack, Crutchy, Racetrack, and Kid Blink take turns singing. It's not very long, but I wish they could have kept it in there. (You can watch it in the special features section of the DVD!)

The Newspaper Wagon
This scene is an extension of the "Smile as Sweet as Butter" scene. There was originally more to the song "Carrying the Banner" and there was a part where Jack, Crutchy, and Mush were sitting on a wagon and discussing their plans for the day. Unfortunately though, this scene was last seen sitting on the cutting room floor. :(

Paper, mister?
This scene took place when Jack, David, and Les left to sell together. While Les is off drinking beer, David ask a couple who is *ahem* making out if they would like to buy a paper. Why he asked them... I don't know. It's probably better it was cut, and it is only a few seconds long.

The Extended Santa Fe
Once again, those of you with the soundtrack would be more familiar with this scene. On the CD, after Jack has his big dancing scene in Santa Fe, there is a second musical interlude a little less than a minute long. During this time, Jack was supposed to spin/dance with his lasso, which he said took him forever to learn how to do. It is actually insanely cool, but was also too long for the movie... Santa Fe is long enough as it is. ^^;;

The Warehouse Scene
This dance scene (also seen on the cover of the DVD and newer VHS) originally took the place of King of New York. It included only seven newsies; Jack, Kid Blink, Mush, Swifty, Bumlets, Dutchy, and a backround dancer. The director thought this scene wasn't important enough, and wanted a scene that showed Denton's connection with the newsies, so King of New York was added as a last minute whim.

Weasel and the Window
This scene was supposed to happen during the "Strike" scene where everyone is ripping up papes outside of Weasel's office. Instead of Jack making wierd faces at Weasel through the window, he actually came halfway through it, and started throwing papers at him.

Point of No Return
This song was replaced by Once and For All, and was cut before shooting. In the song, Sarah had more lines, and Les actually got to sing in it. Once and For All is definately the better song, in my opinon, so this wasn't much of a loss.

What Will Become of the Boy?
Another song that was cut from the script before filming. Sarah was supposed to sing it, but it seemed too off topic to the story. It is rumored that Sarah was played by a different actress before, but left when it was decided she couldn't sing well enough for this song. It's kind of odd, because this song ended up being cut, and it is also rumored that Ele Keats doesn't even sing the one line in Once and For All, because she is not credited in the CD. (I'm not sure if that is true... I think it was just a mistake made by the CD manufacturers.)