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Send me any Newsies-related art that you have created! (If you sent me something and it isn't up here yet, I probably lost it in the abyss of Newsies stuff on my computer, so please send it again. Sorry... ^^;;)

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Fan Art
This is strictly for hand drawn fan art. (It's ok if they are slightly edited on the computer.)

Scetch of Jack by Becca (Tibby)
Scetch of Spot by Becca (Tibby)
Odd picture of Spot petting an elephant by Spot (as in Spot's Thoughts)
Scetch of Kid Blink by Daisy Miller (EyeGlasses)
Scetch of Mush by Katee
Great watercolor painting of a Newsie "jump" by Katee
Character Turn-around of Racetrack by Me!
Sketch of an SD (super deformed) Racetrack by Me!
Sketch of an SD Kid Blink by Me!
Sketch of an SD Mush by Me!
Sketch of an SD Spot by Me!
Really cute drawings of Fire Marshal Brett from Blood Drips by Pitch
Amazingly detailed sketch of 1899 New York by Kid
Great sketch of Snitch by Kid
Great sketch of Spot by Kid
Original character designs of the principle Newsies by Loren Taylor(ChoiYugi)


Fan Graphics
This is for any Newsies pictures that you have edited (pictures of the cast, or from the actual movie) or any other type of work that you have made on the computer

Really cute picture of a little Kid Blink by Allie
Jack from Santa Fe by Daisy Miller (EyeGlasses)
Computerized picture of Kid Blink by Daisy Miller (EyeGlasses)
Another cute little Kid Blink by Greenberry Hair
Computer drawn pic of Spot by Robert Poole (The Masked Newsie)
Computer drawn pic of Les and Boots by Robert Poole (The Masked Newsie)
Computer drawn pic of Skittery by Laina (Booky)
Racetrack background by Christina
Comicstrip 1 by Me!
Comicstrip 2 by Me!
Comicstrip 3 by Me!
Comicstrip 4 by Me!
Comicstrip 5 by Me!
Comicstrip 6 by Me!


Costumes/Role Playing/etc!
This is for pictures of your Newsies costume, any Newsies-related things you have taken pictures of, or any other oddities you think belong here!

Bag-puppet Newsies (so cute!) by Alexis
Screencap of a fish Newsie from Spongebob Squarepants by Emily


This is for even more oddities like videos or sound clips!

Stand Out Vid by Jenni (
Help Vid by Jenni (


**PLEASE if you send me something, give me the name that you would like it to be credited under! Thank you muchly.