Opposites Quiz

Here's another Newsie quiz for ya, but this one's a little different. This time, you're going to figure out which Newsie you wouldn't get along with if you had been in the movie. Unfortunately, the html I had for the real quiz isn't working correctly for this one either, so you'll need to find a pen and paper and calculate your score on your own. And please remember, this quiz is just for fun, and isn't guaranteed to be utterly accurate... At the end of the quiz, you will be given a banner of your polar opposite Newsie to post on your site or elsewhere. Have fun!


1. Where would be you ideal place to live?

A. I donít care as long as Iím there alone
B. with my family at home
C. in a dorm with all my friends
D. somewhere new and exciting
E. wherever everyone tells me to go
F. I love it where I am now. Nothing beats here. :)
G. far away from those noisy cities! Maybe up in the mountains or something
H. moving from place to place. I donít like ďsettling downĒ

2. What do you think of the opposite sex/dating?

A. Iíve never really gone out with anyone, and I donít plan to anytime soon. (I only wishÖ)
B. I have a different date each month/week/day
C. Iím too mature for all that dating stuff, I would rather just get serious with a person
D. I am a guy/girl magnet ;)
E. Iím too shy to even look at a person of the opposite sex
F. Iím not in any way, shape, or form attracted to the opposite sex
G. I am taken and loving it! (Even though dating takes up all my free time.)
H. Well if youíre asking me if I believe in loveÖ I donít.

3. What is your least favorite holiday out of the following?

A. Thanksgiving
B. Halloween
C. Christmas
D. Easter
E. St. Patrickís Day
F. Independence Day (4th of July)
G. My Birthday
H. Valentines Day

4. If you could have one magical power, what power would you choose?

A. psychic power
B. the ability to fly
C. speed/agility
D. super human strength
E. invisibility
F. x-ray vision
G. shape shifter
H. hypnosis

5. What type of movie sounds the most appealing to you?

A. a sad story
B. a comedy
C. a hot and steamy romance story
D. scary/thriller
E. a cute cartoon
F. a musical
G. a feel good family film
H. an action/adventure

6. When you wake up in the morning, what is the very first thing you do?

A. drift in and out of sleep until someone/an alarm forces you to get up
B. hop out of bed, anxious to start the day
C. yell at one of your younger siblings to bring you some food
D. raid the kitchen for food
E. think about what youíre going to do that day, while still lying in bed
F. get out of bed, groggily, without any complaints
G. get up, and stay in your pjís all day, not planning on leaving the house
H. go back to sleep no matter who is trying to stop you from doing so

7. Which animal do you think you would you most identify with?

A. bear
B. puppy
C. owl
D. mountain lion
E. bunny
F. monkey
G. wolf
H. cat

8. If you knew you were going to die in 24 hours, what would you do?

A. mope around, knowing the worst is yet to come
B. spend every waking moment with loved ones
C. do something daring, like skydiving
D. eatÖ A LOT
E. go to all of your favorite places, to remember fond memories
F. call everyone you know to say goodbye
G. stay at home and watch movies or something
H. not tell anyone that you were going to die, thinking no one would even care

9. Out of the following words, which do you think least describes your personality?

A. optimistic
B. opinionated
C. naive
D. intelligent
E. leader
F. dreamer
G. joker
H. romantic

10. And lastly, if Disney decided to make a sequel to Newsies, how would you react?

A. throw a tantrum about how stupid it will probably be
B. be extremely excited and happy to see Newsies revived
C. drool over the new set of hot guys (and possibly even girls) in the movie
D. strike against Disney for ruining the best film ever made
E. cry that you didnít get to be in it
F. watch the movie, just to see if it were up to par with the original
G. wouldnít really care
H. just refuse to watch it


Now tally up the answers that you got, and click on the letter below that you picked the most of!

A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H