Hate Mail

The page you've all been waiting for. :D (Well, the page I've been waiting for...) I stumbled across a Newsies site a loooooong time ago with a "Hate Mail" page, and absolutely LOVED the site from then on because it was so funny/interesting to hear people's rude remarks, and the web mistresses' hilarious comebacks. (I believe the site was called "Papes of Copper," but it's not around anymore. So here is a few of the "hate" mails I've received since my site first opened.

My comments will be italicized and light brown (so you may have to highlight it), with the hate mail's author's letter in normal font. I did not edit the letters in any way, shape, or form (with the exception of blocking some cuss words.) So the horrible grammar you see is not my stupidity, it is theirs. :P


#1- Sent to me on June 2nd of 2005. My 17th birthday. What a thoughtful gift. (Remember, from this point on, my thoughts are italicized and light brown, the letter is in normal font.)

and ironically, this one deserves the award for being the most "rude"

i dont mean to be rude. but newsies has been my favorite movie since i was 4. so, just shut it and listen.

Is it just me, or did that sound a little "rude" to begin with. Maybe I'm going crazy...

you arent very observant in your observations. for example, when you say jack has time to light a cig when being chased...thats afterwards deary. pay attention to the movie.

Deary?? ha. Well, honey pumpkin sweetyface, let ME tell YOU that Jack was indeed still RUNNING (run·ning - to move swiftly on foot so that both feet leave the ground during each stride) when he lit up.

Race does do a pelvic thrust, use your eyes. and Spot says "Five Bucks, this sucks." because its his f*cking line. Also, about spot. He dances in King Of New York. once again, please watch more closely.

I thought we weren't being rude here. But now you just dropped the "F-bomb" on me. Oh snap. I don't think the F word is a part of a nice "polite" vocabulary. Oh, and to correct you, I don't think "that sucks" was a phrase much said back in the eighteen hundreds. (A phrase not said at ALL honey.) Racetrack does pelvic thrust, but he's always hidden, and SHAKING YOUR HANDS AND STANDING ON A TABLE isn't really dancing. Sorry sweetie.

there were alot more things i didnt like about your site, cause well, some things you say dont make you seem like a fan at all.

I don't care. And, yea, I totally hate this movie.

maybe you should say nice things about the people. hmmm...thats a thought.


also, how long have you liked the movie? cause it doesnt seem like you know as much as you say you do.

........ O_o

maybe thats because you dont. and max wasnt 24 in the movie, he was 20. get the facts right. if you're going to call yourself his characters name, you might as well know something about the guy.

Well, maybe you should enroll yourself in a basic addition/subtraction class before you start correcting me. He was born in 1967. The movie was filmed in 1991.

maybe you should have the nickname "newsie dumb*ss"

Um.... okaaayyy.


Ok, that was the end of that letter, so this is me talking again. I was so upset when I got this letter, that I actually replied that night. Here is the e-mail I sent back to her:

My Reply:

Wow. I am sorry you feel that way about my site. But I'm not going to change it for you. Sorry. :( And obviously, I think you did try to be rude, or at least it seems that way.

Um, my observations are MY observations. What I noticed from the movie, and MY opinions on things that happened in the movie. I am sorry if you do not agree with everything that I think.

And about Max Casella... he was born in 1967, and Newsies was filmed in '92. Meaning he was 24 at the time. I'm sorry that you can't do math.

And if you are mad about things I said that are "un-fan like" well, you are probably referring to Spot's Thoughts (which were all made by my best friend) and she actually has a sense of humor.

Yea, I'm not exactly sure why in the h*ll you are just randomly e-mailing me and putting me down, because I put a lot of work into my site. And really, I don't do it for myself, but for other Newsies fans who are looking for info and newsies stuff. I don't see why you are making fun of me when you aren't even a big enough fan to make your own site. If you want to express your own opinions on Newsies, make your own site and don't get on people who actually try harder than you. Maybe instead of chewing my *ss off you should have just left my site and kept your feelings to yourself.

I know people like you who are unappreciative, and who like to stir up trouble just for the h*ll of it, and I'm not exactly sure why I am wasting my time writing this.

Thanks so much for making my night worse, and I hope you have a good day. :)

The "newsie dumb*ss"


#2- Sent to me early January of 2006. (Remember, from this point on, my thoughts are italicized and light brown, the letter is in normal font.)

this one wins the award for being the most grammatically incorrect

i dunt understand yur sight.

And I dun't understand your spelling.

i dont get the deleted seens becuz they werent like in the dvd or at least not in mine so stop lying and take then down becuse they just confuse and not amuse.

Wow. That sounds like a personal problem to me. I honestly still don't understand what you're trying to accomplish here. Can you try typing in ENGLISH please??

another thng, racetrack aka max is MINE you cant have him why dont you lyk stop trying. youll neever get him.

WTH?? Man, you need a life more than I do.

and theirs no way you met all of those newsies they dont even look like that any more. i dont liek how you lie and try to get me to belive this noncents.

First of all, "noncents." I don't even know where to go with that one. Wowies. I met a few newsies, and they DO look different now--if you took the time to check out my pictures of them...??

when i visit this site i liek want t hurl all over it becuz ur not a goodperson. you lie, and liers arent very "ZESTY" in my book,.

Well, you attack me by stealing MY trademark word. So be it. Like I said before, I've never "lied" about meeting a newsie, and I really am a "goodperson".

i hope you take my critisyzm. -Pecks

You crack me up with your horrible spelling, you know that? And why would I take criticism from someone who can't even spell the word? (Or someone who go's by the name "Pecks"??)


#3- Sent to me December 31st of '06. (Remember, from this point on, my thoughts are italicized and light brown, the letter is in normal font.)



You like never update. And ia am not angry, i just wonder why sometimes.

I think I've made it pretty clear.

It makes me feel like sh*t when i come on here and see there is no thing new.

I'm sorry.

Like, if you are a big fan you should probably add some stuff like maybe the newsies personal phone numbers because i nokw you must have them somewhere.

I swear to you, I am not a stalker.

I mean how else could you meet all the guys withour their numbers?

I mean, how could I have recieved their number without meeting them first? What about that, huh?

I need spots number right now, so you vcan call me whenevr and give it to e.

...... You are confusing me now..... call you? First of all, what is your number so I can call you and let you know that you are an idiot. Secondly, I don't have any Newsie's numbers, with the exception of one... -_-

I dont mean to get like violent or nothing but i am a bit pissed thast you on't ever add new things or the newsies numbers. You wnat them all to yourself you filthy hore.

Actually, I believe I am a filthy "whore."

Im sorry but ometimes i cant believe you hard core fans.

Can you lease ay ff ith he orgetting he irst etter???? hanks! (Translation: Can you please lay off with the forgetting the first letter???? Thanks!)

weel bye!!!!!! elfabba

I belive it's "Elphaba", but whatever. ave a ood ay! (Translation: Have a good day!)


So there was just a TASTE of some of the hate mail I receive. If you send me one, I will post it on here, I will post the e-mail you sent it from, and I will make fun of you with no second thoughts. But to everyone else, thanks for your support, and don't feel bad or anything because I get TONS of encouraging e-mails (so much that it's overwhelming, and I don't have the time to respond to all of them), so yea, for every 100 good e-mails, I get a few bad.