About Me

Name: Jennifer, I go by Jen tho.

Newsie Name: Racetrack. Yes, I know it's lame and unoriginal, but it's literally what my friends called me in high school. My friends also call me JenniFe (yea... like "Santa Fe." dunno why.)

Birthdate: June 2nd, 1988 (I know you're trying to do the math. I'll save ya some time. I'm turning 20 this year.)

Occupation: No job as of now (thank GOD) but I am a full time college student, studying to become a Communications major. I like working with people and I hope to one day work high up at Disneyland. I am also studying Japanese, and yes, I speak some (Sou desu ka??!!) and in a couple of years I am going to go study abroad in Japan to better learn the language. Japanese is a pretty good language to know when working with Disney--what with tourists and all.

Hobbies: Along with obsessing over Newsies, and going to Disneyland, I am also into sewing, prop-making, and performing. So in other words.... I cosplay. Cosplay originated in Japan, and it it basically role playing a character by making their costume. I am part of Underground Cosplay group and we perform at conventions and stuff. I spend waaaaay too much time and money on cosplay, but I'm cutting back now for school and to keep this site maintained. :) My cosplay group's site is --> http://ugcosplay.com. (And my cosplay alias is Miaka-chan, so if you go there, you'll know who I am. ^.^) Oh and yea, to answer further questions, I make my Newsie costumes too. I am way too much of a cosplayer to just buy my stuff anymore. I have to make it, and it has to look just like the character's costume. (And in this case, Racetrack's. :D)

You still want to know some more about me?? I'm flattered...

So OBVIOUSLY, I'm the webmistress of this here site. And I've been managing it for about three years. O_O Holy cow, that is a long time. (As I type this anyways. The site actually opened January 1st of 2005.) My favorite Newsie is Racetrack. No question. I really love Max Casella and enjoy all of his work. (Except maybe Trial and Error... he kinda freaks me out there with his hair... haha, just kidding.)

Anyways, off of that tangent, I'm a newsies freak (just like you) and I go to Disneyland a lot... (see pictures below. lol) I used to work there too, but that's old news now. I met some Newsies there... the other ones I met elsewhere. (If you want to read about my experiences, go ahead and check out my 'Newsies Now' section as well as the 'Comics' section.) I also drive a yellow mazda, that takes me on all of my newsie-adventures, so if you see one with NEWSIES on the license plate... wave like a maniac or something. See... there's reason I call my car the "Newsiemobile."

In high school I was the captain of my Color Guard team, and we even performed a Newsies-themed show back in 2005. (I was Racetrack. duh. ^^;) In the "Newsies Winterguard" section you can watch the performance and read about the process. :D

My love for Newsies is expressed through this site, and through my crazy Newsie-stalking experiences that I go on with my friends. (so it's not really stalking ^^;;;;;) I've been meeting the actors from the movie for about three years now, and I hope to meet all of the principle Newsies before the year 2017. (It's this weird promise my best friend and I made to each other.)

So that's me in a very large nutshell. :)

Below are lots of old pictures of me and my also newsies-obsessed friends. And yes, they are thumbnails, and yes they are only part of the picture, so click to enlarge!! Also, the mouseover will tell you what in the heck is going on in the pic.


Before we get to the really old pictures, here are some newer ones from this year. My friends and I each made the "girl" equivalent to our Newsie's costume. We designed them to look like the Newsies outfits--with the same color fabric/patterns and everything, only girly. I literally sewed for 2 days straight in order to get these done in time to wear to the Club Kevin Stea was performing at. Luckily my friends helped me with all the pinning of fabric while I sewed. Teamwork. :) I think the costumes came out pretty cute too. ^_^ (Cynthia was Mush, Amy was Spot, and I was Racetrack.)

Spot and Ractrack Mush, Spot, and Race Racetrack (Me!) Mush Spot At the club where we saw Kevin Stea and Kenny Ortega

These are "comparison" pics of my friends and their newsie (2004)...

Jack (Mikee) Davey (Ellen) Racetrack (Me!) Kid Blink (Liz) Mush (Cynthia)

Crutchy (Elise) Spot (Amy) Skittery (Suzee)

Disneyland and other random places (2004-05)

Our Newsie photo shoot at the Santa Fe place in DCA More photo shoot stuff... And some more... Crutchy going insane My super, awesome, amazing newsie jump! I got like 3 feet of air man! Selling papes Spot in Brooklyn (with some fish lol) Screaming off the 'Brooklyn Bridge' Most of the cast of our Newsies movie, and my lovely 'Newsiemobile' Buying papes in the morning (literally) Newsies DVDs!! w00t!! The cast of our movie 'Newsies Gone Ghetto' Jack Kelly... w00t Spot playing cards... oh god... Me and the train that's bound for Santa Fe! Us on the Matterhorn, before Trey's concert Our insanely zesty Newsies shirts WEEEEEE! Spot and Kid switched hats... weird... Our rockin old-shool newsie outfits... oh how they've changed Good times...

The Newsies I've met : ) (2004-05)

David Sidoni (Pie Eater) Doing the 'Idaho Potatoe Song' dance with David Sidoni (who's dressed like a freaky captain/clown thing) Trey Parker (Kid Blink) Another time we saw Trey

Gabriel Damon (Spot) Spot and Spot haha Michael Goorjian (Skittery) Us being weird (and it was his idea, lol)
Christian Bale (Jack Kelly) And yes, I did take these pictures, at the Batman Begins Premiere! Arvie Lowe Jr. (Boots) Dee Caspary (Snitch)
Marty Belafsky (Crutchy) Kenny Ortga (Director/Choreographer of Newsies)- Very small pic taken on a camera phone

Newsies Winterguard 2005

The opening set of the show The opening set again (shot of the entire floor) Beginning of 'Seize the Day, Chorale' with strike flags Part of the 'Seize the Day Chorale' dance Me setting up for my Racetrack solo in KONY The super amazing Bumlets, and her mad tossing skills! (7 revolutions baby!) The flag ensemble with our 'pape' flags during CTB The ending set of the show Me waiting for awards

Group picture! Group picture compared to the Newsie's group picture


Alsoooooo..... If you want to get ahold of me due to a question you may have, or because you are just bored, here's some of my contacting info. I will ALWAYS (try to) answer your newsie-related questions. : )

E-mail: ilovepapes@hotmail.com

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/jennife
(Sure, I'll be your friend. :D)

My accounts on IMDB.com and for MSN Messenger are also ilovepapes, so you can talk to me that way too!


Ok, someone told me to post my thoughts on my survey, and at first I was like... yea right, like anyone would want to read more about what I think. haha Well, obviously, you are reading this right now, so I guess someone did. : )

Newsies Survey (you can take it too in the Survey section! Oh how ironic!)

First of all, how old are you, and how long have you been a Newsies freak? Well, I saw the movie for the first time in theaters sometime back in '92. But all I remembered from it was this one part with stairs, and that I thought bits of it were "scary" (hey I was 4, ok? lol)... so I guess that doesn't really count. I have been a newsies freak since January 2004. (Surprising, eh?) My best friends and I watched it on New Years on the way to the Rose Parade and we each picked a character. And since then... well, you know how it goes. ; ) Oh... and I'm 19.

Who is your favorite newsie and why? (and please be more specific than "he's hot" lol)
Racetrack. That's a bit obvious. He's a great actor/singer/dancer and I think he's really cute too. o^^o (I looove his zesty accent!) I also love Skittery, because not only is he hot, but D00D!! He's got a voice! Oh, and Bumlets/Pie Eater too, because they just rock. (All of the Roundhouse boys rock...) But Race is still my fave. Sorry other guys. : (

Do you strongly dislike any of the newsies? Or do you <3 all of them?
David. Sorry guys. He gets on my nerves. But don't get me wrong, I am glad he's in the movie... he's fun to make fun of. hahaha Also, Snoddy, Itey, and Jake don't really do it for me either. (Jake's nose... it was ok at first but now...) But I do <3 all of them, just not some as much as others.

What's your favorite song in the movie, and why?
KONY. Probably because of my Winterguard show... and my solo... and the rifles... and the Racetrack. I also love the reprise Seize the Day because I loooove to dance it. hahaha And also CTB... BECAUSE of Skittery... OH GAWD, I CAN'T DECIDE!!!

Which newsie do you think is the best dancer?
Bumlets and Pie Eater pretty much rock my socks. And oh wow, they also so rock in Roundhouse. (Pie Eater still rocks my socks today.)

Which newsie do you think sings the best?
Come on now! Skittery should have had waaaaay more singing parts. >.< But I love it when Racetrack sings too, cuz of his accent. So, both.

Have you seen Blood Drips on Newsies Square? What did you think of it? ^___^ (man it so rocks...)
Yes, it rocks. The best thing to EVER happen to Newsies fans. I heart Mark David.

Have you ever met a newsie? (D00D!! When, where, how, I want details man!!)
Yeah, yeah. Everyone already knows. (newsies now or comics section. lol) But......... I really really really really really really want to meet Max too, because I saw him on Broadway a few years ago and missed the chance. I'M SO FREAKIN STUPID!!!!

Do you own a newsie outfit that you randomly wear in public?
HAHAHAHA Why do you think I made up this question?? Of course I do. For fun and for guard. I wear it to Disneyland when it's 110 degrees out, and tourists ask to take pictures with "the Newsie." awe... classic.

What do you think of the music that plays whenever Spot is around?
Why in the freakin heck isn't it on a CD??? I think it's great, and it's the only thing that makes Spot seem "intimidating." Irish... haha, so random.

Do you ever dream about Newsies? (I know I do...) Care to share any of your dreams? o_O
I know I do too. haha I am a dork. Anyways, I have tooooo many to tell about. I always have reaccuring meeting Spot dreams, and I had one where Max Casella accidently got burried in a grave, so I had to dig him up. Then he came and lived with me. weird...

Do you celebrate the newsie's birthdays?
Yea. I do random things with my friends like go to the drive in and throw snocaps at people, go and look for Newsies to stalk, eat lots of chocolate and wake up with a hangover the next day, have movie marathons, etc. It's good times.

Have you ever felt bad for Crutchy?
Yea. When he knocks on the glass to come in Snyder's office. And that's the only time. Don't know why...

Do you think the movie would have been better with a girl newsie? (psh, I know I don't...)

Does this picture frighten you at all?

Is it sad that I'm laughing at my own joke?

Do you hate Sarah? (Everyone seems to hate her just because she got to make out with Jack >.<)
I wish she had a more developed character... even if the movie would have had to be longer for it. (heck yes, more newsies!!) I don't dislike her at all. : )

Do you watch other movies/shows that the newsies have been in? If so, what's your favorite that you've seen?
I watch them all baby. But my faves are Doogie Howser, Roundhouse, Party of 5, Illusion, Sgt. Bilko, and Equilibrium.

18. If you could "Blue Scadoo" into one of these scenes, which one would you pick, and what kind of zesty things would you do in that scene?

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Scene 4
I would proabably scadoo into... (come on haven't you ever seen Blue's Clues??)..... well, I can't decide. So in the first one, I would tie up Kid Blink and put him in the closet so I could sing/act out his part. (I have no idea why I picked him...) In the second one, I would jump on Racetrack, and then hit Dave with Skittery's stick. In the third one I would cry, because I am scared of Spot's slingshot. Nevermind... I wouldn't go to number 3... And the last one... I would do the solo with Racetrack, and sing along and dance like a maniac. Yea.

Do you enjoy my site at all? Is there anything here that you would like to see more of?
It sucks. haha

Do you know me personally? (Did I bribe you into taking this survey??) lol... If you don't... do you think I am strange? ^^;;
Who are you again?? Oh yea... me. Yea, I am a bit strange, but hopefully in a good way. : )

And lastly, how many "papes" would you rate my site? (5 being the highest, 1 being the lowest)
I can't do this fairly... lol. But thanks for raiting me so high guys... I was expecting 2's.

Any closing thoughts you would like to add?
Wow, that survey is long. Sorry. haha