Character Page: Spot Conlon

Full Name: Spot Conlon

Goes by: Spot

Reason for Name: The character Spot was based off of the historical leader of the Brooklyn Newsies. No one really knows where his name came from.

Age: 15

Status: Leader of the Brooklyn Newsies

Purpose in Newsies: The Manhattan Newsies believe Spot Conlon is the key to them winning the strike, so they immediately ask him for his help when the strike breaks out. The Newsies tell Spot he is the most “respected and famous Newsie in all of New York” which I believe was probably true. Spot is so intimidating and is the leader of a group of tough, brutal fighting Newsies, so it is no wonder that all of New York’s Newsies have heard of him. Spot eventually gets his fellow Brooklyn Newsies to join in on the strike.

Closest Friend: Because he lives in Brooklyn, and not Manhattan with the movie’s principal Newsies, he doesn’t really have a single closest friend. Most of the Newsies are intimidated by him, but he is seen quite often with Jack, Racetrack, and occasionally with Kid Blink.

Wardrobe: He is always seen wearing his red suspenders. He also wears a key around his neck which is a mystery to most Newsies fans. I think it is to symbolize that he is the “key” to winning the strike, as David states in the movie.

Props: He is mostly known for his slingshot. One of the main reasons the Brooklyn Newsies are so feared is their amazing aim with their slingshots. He also has a cane (or pimp cane, lol) that he beats people with. :)

Most Famous Quote: “Never fear, Brooklyn is here!”

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