Character Page: Racetrack

Full Name: Racetrack

Goes by: Racetrack or Race

Reason for Name: The character Racetrack was based off of the historical newsie called "Racetrack Higgins." He was a gambler as Race is in the movie, and would head down to the Sheepshead Bay Racetrack every day after selling his papes; thus the newsies called him Racetrack.

Age: between 16 and 19

Status: Manhattan Newsie

Purpose in Newsies: Racetrack is definitely the comic relief of the movie. He always has something sarcastic to say that lightens the mood. Hes a compulsive gambler, but you can tell hes looked up to by the other newsies. Race also gets all of the newsies excited about being in the papes; this newsie loves the spot light. :D

Closest Friend: Racetrack is well liked, so he has a lot of friends. Hes closest with Jack, Kid Blink, Mush, Crutchy, Skittery, and Spot.

Wardrobe: Racetrack is pretty classy with his vest, pocket watch, and his bowtie that he wears on special occasions. Both his outfits are black and brown based.

Props: He is pretty much always seen with something in his hand, whether it be a cigarette, cigar, pocket watch, or his harmonica.

Most Famous Quote: "Look at me, Im the King of New York!"

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