Updates and Concerns

Hola. Here's my update. I only added a few things, so here they be. I added my first affiliate, The Walkin' Mouth to my affiliates section in the side bar. I posted Marty Belafsky's birthday a bit early to the "Featured Newsie" section of the side bar. I also made a new page called History, and it's in the "Information" section of the sidebar. And lastly, I added 8 new icons to the Icons page.

So besides updates, I have a little more to say. I received an e-mail a while back giving me a heads up that my last update was upsetting to some people. They let me know that although they didn't have a problem with it, others did. All I have to say about that is that I wasn't trying to be offensive.

When I said "at least when I update, the updates are HUGE updates and not measly daily/weekly ones" I was referring to my site in the past. Not someone else's. To tell you the honest to God truth, I could really care less how much anyone else updates--I don't try and keep track or anything. Sorry. :( I was referring to how my old updates would consist of a new picture being added (as an example) or the addition of two new icons. I wasn't talking about anyone else's sites, so please lighten up, and don't take everything that I say to heart. Thanks.

I also apologize for my lack of updates. I am really trying, I promise. Working full time and being a college student keeps me pretty busy. It is almost impossible to have a social life out of work, and it is insanely hard to update on top of all of that. I hope you understand that I would update if I could. I really just don't have the time to let this site be my life anymore.

Posted by Jen - - on September 18th @ 1:27 am Pacific time


Welcome back to the extremely new and improved NewsiesFreak.com! IT'S ABOUT TIME. I KNOW. So yea, I've been getting some major signs that I was supposed to start updating again... so I did.

First of all, every night I'd come home from work my mom would be watching Newsies. (Which is an odd thing, let me tell you.) I guess it's been coming on Starz a lot lately or something... weird.
Secondly, I was doing homework for my theater class and was flipping through my new theater book when a picture of Aaron Lohr appeared. (I know! In my SCHOOL theater book!)
Thirdly, one of my best friends invited me to go out with a bunch of fellow Disneyland-working Newsies fans last night. That was fun. :)

So yes, Newsies has been haunting me lately (not like you care), so I decided this was the best time to actually update.

Now I know this is a rare occasion, and apologize, but at least when I update, the updates are HUGE updates and not measly daily/weekly ones. So here you go. New new new layout. Like nothing this site has ever seen. A year and a half later and I finally change the dang set-up. whew. -_-;;

I also added a "Lyrics" page (which was well wanted), a new section for site affiliates, a Myspace group, and other various things that I cannot recall at the moment.

And yes, I know that I've been neglecting e-mail YET AGAIN... sorry I am just insanely busy. No joke. You can still write to me. I read them all, and I TRY to answer them as well.

Well, this was an excruciatingly long update.... oops. Have fun with the new junk, and have a zesty day. :) CTB.

Posted by Jen - - on September 3rd @ 3:30 am Pacific time