Character Page: Skittery

Full Name: Skittery

Goes by: Skittery

Reason for Name: Who knows? o_O All I know is that his name reminds me of a mouse.

Age: between 16 and 19

Status: Manhattan Newsie

Purpose in Newsies: He is the pessimist of the Manhattan Newsies. (hey, there’s one in every group, right?) Skittery is pretty much always around voicing his opinion, and is generally the downer of the group. Awe, but we still love him. <3

Closest Friend: Racetrack. You can tell they are really comfortable around each other because they have no problem smacking each other around. (lol) He also mainly hangs with Kid Blink, Specs and Dutchy.

Wardrobe: PINK. He is most recognized for his pink long underwear that he is often seen wearing. It takes a true man to be comfortable in pink. :)

Props: He has a cane that he only has with him occasionally—he mainly uses it to sword fight with Bumlets. o^.^o

Most Famous Quote: “You get your picture in the papes, so what’s that get ya, huh?”

Gallery: (click the pics to enlarge!)