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There isn't much information here yet, but please read if you are interested in attending a Newsies Rally. (A gathering of Newsies fans like you, doing Newsie-ish things in a Newsie-ish environment. ^.^) It should be fun, and I'll add info as soon as it's given to me.

Also, I'll be adding the Midwest Rally on here soon, which will most likely take place this summer in Chicago.


The 2006 Newsies Rally is a gathering of Newsies fans from California, or out of state, to celebrate the movie Newsies.
We will be going to Disneyland, and/or Disney's California Adventure park, visiting the Newsies set at Universal Studios park, watching Newsies, dressing like Newsies, and meeting a few of the actual actors. (Definitely Trey Parker, possibly Arvie Lowe Jr., Marty Belafsky, David Sidoni, and others. Depends on who I can find at the time.)

The dates are not yet set in stone. We are aiming for mid-July. Check back for the dates on a later day.
We'll probably devote 3 or more days to this rally.

Other Details:
Everyone is responsible for their own travel, hotel, food, park admissions, etc.
If you choose not to participate in all of the different events we have planned, that is perfectly ok. I know money will be a big issue because this will be an expensive rally.
We are planning on staying in Anaheim, because it is right in the center of all of the things we want to do. But if you would like to stay elseware, that is fine. We will have to do some driving to meet certain Newsies, as well as go to Los Angeles and such. (My car only holds five, so if need be, and if you trust me, I could pick you up at the air port, and cart you around to all of these places.)

Who to Contact:
You can contact me later (at my normal e-mail address.) Right now, all of the information is a bit shaky because I still have a lot of people I need to talk to before I can get this thing up and rolling.


The 2007 Newsies Rally is a gathering of NML members and general fans of Newsies in New York City, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the release of the movie. We will be walking around NYC, visiting Newsies sites (ex: the Horace Greeley Statue) and doing Newsies stuff (ex: yelling off the Brooklyn Bridge)

It will be July 27-28 2007 in NYC (plenty of time to save money for those who live out of the NYC area)
You can get there at any time on the 27th- just make sure you're there on the 27th because we'll be meeting in the morning on the 28th for an entire day of Newsies madness! (For those who get there early, we should all meet up somewhere and do the regular NYC stuff)

Other Details:
Everyone is responsible for their own travel, hotel, etc.

Who to Contact:
If you wish to donate to the Rally Fund, e-mail Gamester Cladsl at or to make a money donation or you can shop at the online store located at
If you want to receive updates about the rally and have the opportunity to VOTE on important issues concerning the rally, e-mail me and ask to be added onto the 2007 Newsies Rally Mailing List.

newsies freaks have been here

2004-2007 This website was created and is maintained by Jen Dupray. I do not claim ownership over the movie "Newsies" or any of the characters. I only wish I did... ^^;;