December 31st, 2005
Well, obvious layout change now that Christmas is over (it's temporary, I swear, I hope to make a better one soon.) I'm planning on changing the site around alot... I hope it all works out, but just be ready for some changes. Another thing I updated was the 'Icons' page with my little Newsies icons at the bottom of the page. They're cute. hehe Go look. I also just now updated the Dates to look forward to at the bottom of the 'Newsies Now' page, because there is alot coming up in the next two months. :)
Oh and, Happy New Year... almost....

December 24th, 2005
I finally updated the "Tidbits" page, with much random information, and also added about 6 new thoughts to "Spot's Thoughts." Things are kinda hectic with Christmas and all (and not getting out of school until yesterday >.<), so I may not be able to check my mail any time soon. So anyways, enjoy the updates as well as your Christmakawanzaka, or whatever holiday you are celebrating. Merry Christmas!

December 17th, 2005
Nothing big, just fixed up "The Newsies" page by adding new movies to the profiles. I also added a couple dates to look forward to in the "Newsies Now" section. Keep checking for more updates, they should be coming fairly soon.

December 1st, 2005
Wow... kinda big change with the layout and all. I was kinda sick of it being black. The old updates for the past year can all be found in the link below...
The only other major thing I did was add my friend Jenni's Newsie vidoes to the Fan Stuff page, so go check them out... they are quite zesty. ;)


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