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Heya and welcome to the newly renovated! I thank you muchly for you patience as I changed everything around. Unfortunately, I didn't get as much done as I would have liked to in the (over) 10 hours I spent updating--but I did make some great progress. The site now has about 38 pages (which it takes a looooong time to edit ALL of them), and as you can tell, a few of the pages are new. I gave the Blood Drips pictures their own page, as well as an info page for Blood Drips in general. I also added the new "Interactive Section" at long last. I will begin to make layouts for your use in the near future, and I added a "Hate Mail" page. ( I also added the results to last month's polls to the "Polls" page. So like I said, there is still more to be done, but for now, this will do it. And if you couldn't tell, I OBVIOUSLY changed the layout and color scheme. You like? Let me know. :D


I'm pulling an all-nighter to get a bunch of stuff done for the site. So as of now, you won't see any changes, but you'll see major changes in a few days. I'm going to go through every page and fix all the mistakes I can find, add a page or two, and change some stuff around on existing pages. The site will be extremely different, but it'll be a change for the better. ;D So one day coming up, I'll probably close the entire site down for a day so I can make a million changes.


Happy 39th Birthday Racetrack!
::Max Casella :: June 6th, 1967::


It's kinda freaky/weird that Max's birthday falls on 6-6-06, (but yay, it is 4 days after mine). Happy birthday Race, the best Newsie in my opinion, and I hope everyone has a zesty day too. Yea, still chugging away at the new stuff that I'll be adding... so keep your eyes open. It may be a while, but I'll try to hurry!


Happy 31st Birthday Itey!
::Dominic Maldonado :: June 1st, 1975::


Happy 34th Birthday Kid Blink!
::Trey Parker :: May 30th, 1972::


It's been a full month since my last update, and for that I apologize, but I also apologize because I've got nothing new for you today either. I have had a "GO-GO-GO!" month, with hardly anytime to breath--let alone update. I just started working on some new things today, so between finishing up school, running try-outs for my color guard team, graduating, and working, I'll try my hardest to keep this shindig updated. >.<


As you can tell, my internet is working even a tad better today than it has in a long while, so here are the four new pages I promised you. I haven't made the little side buttons << for the new pages yet, but when I do, they will all be in a new section called "Interactive."


My internet is only partially working at the moment, so it takes me twice as long to do things as it should. Thus being so, I only added one new thing. In the Screencaps section, you'll find a new Blood Drips on Newsies Square gallery of pics that I took from the movie using my digital camera. So far, I only have up to Trey's death, but I'll be adding the others ASAP. Please read my little note at the beginning of the page if you choose to go there.
And another thing, if you haven't heard yet, Trey Parker makes a cameo appearance in the new movie "American Dreamz" that came to theaters yesterday. Unfortunately, he isn't credited for it on IMDB or anything, but his name did appear in the credits. (He's the contestant with the long blonde hair.)


Happy 30th Birthday Spot!
::Gabriel Damon :: April 23rd, 1976::


Nothing new yet. My computer is down and since my life is on it, I can't update until I get it up and working again. I'm going to try to update from my sister's computer if at all possible, so look for some minor updates coming up. (I have at least 3 new pages I want to add!)


Happy 30th Birthday Mush!
::Aaron Lohr :: April 2nd, 1976::


Happy 26th Birthday Les!
::Luke Edwards :: March 24th, 1980::


I added one new upcoming event to the 'Coming Up' page.


Woohoo, real updates!! Ok, so I changed some things around on the 'Movies/Shows' page. I basically just organized the page, and I also made it so that when you click on a tumbnail, the image pops up in it's own window. That's not very exciting... I know... but I also added three new movies to the 'Movies/Shows' page; Rent, High School Musical, and The New World, so go check that out.


Happy 36th Birthday Pie Eater!
::David Sidoni :: March 8th, 1970::


No updates, but the soundtrack of the play See What I Wanna See came out today and is also available on iTunes, and I would strongly recommend investing in it if you are an Aaron Lohr fan. I bought it and he is exceptional as usual. :D


I added two new events that are soon to come on the 'Coming Up' page. I'll try to get around to my e-mail soon too. I'm sorry. -_-;;


Lots of updates. I added a total of 4 new pages. In the Media section, I added the 'More Pictures' page, which has just that. In the Misc. section, I added 'Quiz #2', a personality quiz that will tell to the exact opposite that most quizzes do, and 'Newsie Rallies', a page describing THE REAL Newsies Rallies/Fan Get-togethers that are coming up. And in the Site Stuff section, I added a 'Dedication' page, so be sure to check that out. Well, that is all. I have some more things I was planning on adding, but I'll probably just post them in a couple of days because at the moment my eyes are on fire (from updating all day). o_O


Happy 35th Birthday Skittery!
::Michael Goorjian :: February 4th, 1971::


I added two observations to the 'Observations' section. (obviously...) Good luck finding them. ^^;; That is it for today, but I am working behind the scenes on the site, you just won't see the finished product for a couple of days. I am currently working on getting 3 new pages up, and hoping that I'll like them all. But until then, audios, and have a zesty Michael Goorjian's birthday. Micheal Goorjian is always so good to us...


Happy 30th Birthday Boots!
::Arvie Lowe Jr. :: February 3rd, 1976::


I added a few new things to the 'Observations', 'YKYOWNW', and 'Spot's Thoughts' pages. I also added two new fan art things (by Katee and Christina) to the 'Fan Stuff' page. And that's all kids. But I still haven't gotten around to all my e-mail yet, so sorry, and I'll reply as sooooooon as possible. I swear. :)


Happy 32nd Birthday Jack Kelly!
::Christian Bale :: January 30th, 1974::


Unfortunately, the server that this site is on is absolutely retarded, and decided to randomly delete some miscellanious pages, including the main page, so I lost a buch of info. Nothing too drastic, but all of the updates that were on this page before are gone. Oh well, I'm over it.

And now for the real updates... I added little header thingers to the tops of each page, to stop the confusion that I'm sure was taking place. (Accidently clicking on the wrong page, without knowing, and then wondering where the hell you ended up. -_-") Along with that, I also changed the bio pics on 'The Newsies' page, so now not only do they have pics of the newsies that were taken back in '91, but also pictures of what the actors look like in this day and age. And surprisingly, that all took me a looong time to do. 6_6;;

And before you wander too far off of this page, please check above for a great newsiefied offer (waaaay above ^^^^^^^).


newsies freaks have been here

2004-2007 This website was created and is maintained by Jen Dupray. I do not claim ownership over the movie "Newsies" or any of the characters. I only wish I did... ^^;;